5 Tricks to Get Healthier and Stronger Nails

Maintaining healthy nails is an important beauty rite, one that has us visiting the nail salon every week and avoiding certain types of chores just to keep our tips in their top condition. Still, breaking, peeling and cracking nails happen to the best of us simply because we don’t have the time to rub some cuticle oil into our fingers, or slap some nail strengthener on our tips. So if you’re curious to know how you can possibly get stronger nails, here’s how you should start.


1.       Moisturize Your Nails After Wetting Your Hands. One of the main causes of brittle nails is dehydration, which often happens when you expose your hands to various cleaning products. In fact, doing dishes or washing your hair can already be detrimental to your nail’s health. So each time you get out of the shower, or is done doing your house chores, ensure that you moisturize your hands, nails and cuticles to keep them well hydrated. Wearing gloves while doing housework involving any strong product can also be a good way to keep your nails protected.

2.       Stop Cutting Your Cuticles. Your cuticles serve one important purpose: Protecting your nail beds and its surrounding skin from bacteria and fungi. Which means cutting them down puts you at a greater risk of experiencing infections that could lead to permanent nail damage. So better leave your cuticles alone now, than be sorry later on.


3.       Use Gel Manicures Sparingly.  Although we’re not completely dissuading you from using gel manicures, it’s important that you understand that the UV lights and strong chemicals used in these gels can wreak havoc on your nails over time. Instead of using them week after week, only wear them on important occasions. This will give your nails enough breathing room in between and ensure that you have fab nails on the special days in your life.

4.       File Your Nails Carefully. You may have grown to using emery boards in filing your nails, but the truth is, this board can be extremely harsh on your nails. Not only does it cause tiny cracks on your nails, it can also lead to some major nail breakage. So swap your old-fashioned emery board now for a smoother version, and smoothly file your nails one direction at a time to minimize nail damage.

5.       Check the Ingredients of Your Nail Polish. Three-free nail polish became a major buzzword in the past few years, but not until the consumers became aware of how toxic some polish ingredients can be. Toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate are the three ingredients to look out for when buying or choosing nail polish in the salon. Also, remember that whatever you put on your nails enters your bloodstream, and not just hurt your nails but your overall health as well.

Caring for your nails is as important as taking care of your entire body. So make sure that you keep these tips in mind to ensure that your nails grow not just stronger, but healthier as well.


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