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Different Types of Ear Piercings to Choose From

Thursday, January 30th, 2020 | Permalink

Are you thinking of adding more ear piercings soon? Before deciding, you should be familiar with the different types of ear piercings and how long they can fully heal. Here are 16 types of ear piercings.

Lobe – The lobe is a soft part of the ear that is why it is the least painful when pierced. The standard lobe piercing takes about 6 weeks to fully heal.

Upper Lobe – This means placing the piercing slightly above where the standard lobe piercing is placed. It takes about the same time the lobe piercing will heal.

Graduate Lobe – If you want to place several earrings on your lobes, then this is the perfect style for you. The piercings are spaced equally on the lobe.

Transverse Lobe – The type of earrings needed for this is a barbell so that the earlobe is pierced horizontally to make the earrings pass through both punctures. It might take more time to heal than a standard lobe piercing probably because of the unusual position.

Conch – There are two types of this piercing, inner and outer, in which a perforation is made on the cartilage. It can take up to 6 months to heal.

Auricle – The piercing is located on the middle of the outer ear rim. This is quite painful because of the nerves located in the area.

Helix – For this type, the upper cartilage is pierced. It is quite painful and can take 6 to 12 months to fully heal.

Forward Helix – The helix has three piercings spaced apart evenly. The punctures are inserted with studs and can be very painful. It will also take months to heal.

Tragus – The piercing is done on the outer ear near your face, which is why it is also prone to infections.

Anti-Tragus – The piercing is located adjacent to the tragus but this is less likely to get infected when cared for properly. It can take up to 16 weeks to fully heal.

Rook – The piercing is placed on the upper inner ear fold. It can be very painful and might be irritated while still healing. It takes 12 months to heal.

Snug – Also called anti-helix, the earrings are placed in the inner ear adjacent of the helix. It is painful but at least the cartilage is thinner.

Daith – The piercing is placed on the inner cartilage fold. It can be painful but is easier to care for than the tragus piercing.

Industrial – Also called scaffold, two punctures are placed on the upper cartilage while one earring passes through both. Looks really cool but it takes 6 to 12 months to heal.

Orbital – This is a type of industrial piercing but the punctures are connected from the front.

Ear Weaving – As the name suggests, this piercing consists of several piercings connected by one piece of jewelry.

Most are helix piercings to imitate the shape of a spiral. It can be painful and is not recommended if you don’t have previous experience caring for ear piercings.

Searching for Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

Thursday, September 18th, 2014 | Permalink

Cosmetic surgery is a good way to help us in dealing with our problems in our body. However, undergoing the said surgical procedure isn’t suitable for everyone. So before you decide to go through a cosmetic surgery here are some good alternatives that you might also want to take into consideration.


1. Consult your doctor for other options. One good way to explore for alternative to facial surgery is by consulting your doctor about other treatment options such as chemical peels or nose fillers which can actually aid in reducing your wrinkles, discoloration, some scarring and also the signs of acne and aging. You can also ask your doctor for recommendations about some good aesthetic clinic that can perform the procedure.

2. Make inquiries about procedures in Singapore. Try inquiring on some procedures like Botox, nose fillers, collagen injections, or Restylane as treatments that can be injected into the face to minimize the wrinkles and some skin folding. Also ask your aesthetic clinic if there are other procedures that you can actually go through as an alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Visit a trusted doctor or surgeon. If you’re planning on asking for good clinical recommendations it would be better to go to qualified doctors to seek a doctor advice on nose fillers in Singapore. Ensure that the doctor or surgeon that you’re dealing with is certified by the board of plastic surgeons in Singapore. But if you want to undergo some minor surgical procedures only then try visiting an aesthetic clinic Singapore and look for an experienced aesthetician to perform the procedure.

3. Look into other body sculpting procedures. Another way to look for an alternative to cosmetic surgery is by trying to undergo procedures such as mesotherapy or other forms of body sculpting procedure to deal with your aesthetic problem.


4. Do face sculpting exercises. One good alternative to a cosmetic surgery is doing face sculpting exercises or by participating in a Star Face Facial Yoga class. Enrolling in this class can help you in promoting muscle strength and in dealing with sagging skin. Non-invasive procedures like this one can be a really good alternative especially for patients who are afraid to deal with needles.

5. Go for natural solutions. Before deciding on undergoing a cosmetic surgery, it would be better if you try exploring natural ways such as dieting and exercising first. Going through a healthy diet regimen and doing regular exercises can help you in getting your desired result without undergoing any surgical procedure. Doing some small changes can actually help in improving your health and appearance and save you the cost of spending a lot on undergoing a cosmetic surgery in Singapore.

6. Be fit. If you’re planning to undergo a liposuction procedure or some other body sculpting surgeries it would be better if you try to lose some weight first. You’ll be amazed as to how the simple way of losing weight can deal with your problems that you plan on remedying with body contouring surgeries.


Getting a cosmetic surgery isn’t always the best solution to deal with your problems with your body. Sometimes, all you just need is to discover ways like nose fillers on how you can deal with it in an easy and less expensive way just like some of the tips mentioned above.