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The Signs of Global Warming

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 | Permalink


All countries should join hands in the fight against global warming. Every Singaporean contributed to this phenomenon so it is the obligation of each one to help stop the global warming before it is too late for Singapore and the whole world. It is undeniable that global warming is amplifying every day. Signs are everywhere and we should take notice.

There was a study released on February 17, 2014 saying that the Arctic now is darker. This means that lesser heat is bounced back into space. As a result, the Earth tends to absorb more heat. This is according to the publication of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington. Essentially, it only means additional warming.

The rise in temperature is alarming because it affects everyone. It is crucial that you notice the signs so you can make a difference. Here are some signs that you should look into:


  • Ice melting – There is no doubt that the rise in temperature caused the melting of ice worldwide. You will notice the melting of mountain glaciers, ice sheets and sea ice specifically in Greenland, Arctic sea and the West Antarctica.
  • Decline of penguin population – Research shows that the number of Adelie penguins declined over the years. These penguins are found in Antarctica and it is disappointing to know that their numbers have declined. Their number is reduced from 32000 breeding pairs to 11000.
  • Migrating animals – The movement of animals are also noted. Animals seek for cooler temperature so naturally they will move farther. Butterflies and foxes are moving. If animals move successfully, there will be no problems but if they are not successful, they will become extinct.
  • Increase of precipitation – The average precipitation has increased over time. Precipitation means the quantity of water deposited into the atmosphere. The emissions of gases greatly affect the distribution of precipitation. Expect that wet regions will become wetter and the dry regions become drier over time.
  • Rising of sea level – The rising of sea level is expected. The melting of the ice will cause this phenomenon. Sea levels will rise from seven to twenty three inches towards the end of the century. The sustained melting of the ice could add four to eight inches towards the end of the century.

The fact that the Earth is warming from the South Pole to the North Pole means that we should act immediately. If you are thinking that warming is not that intense, you should think again. Your kids and grandkids will surely suffer its effects. While it is not too late, you should help the community.