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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Body Hydrated

Friday, April 27th, 2018 | Permalink

In this day and age where almost everything is done in an instant, it’s always hard to keep up even with the most basic things. Sleep is a luxury, and eating is almost a second priority. With schedules that are too tight for their own good, we have to maintain a healthy routine along with it. Or else, our unhealthy lifestyle will eventually take its toll on our bodies and the price to pay isn’t something we can afford.

Here are some ways for us to stay hydrated even in the busiest of schedules:

1. Drink up
Look here, since this bit of information is just so common we somehow take it for granted. Drink up, and not just any beverage we first take a hold of in the fridge. Water. Drink up plenty and plenty of water. Not only is it the most important nutrient among all the others, it also serves as solvent for essential bodily reactions.

In addition, it also helps maintain good circulation and maintain body temperature. So before you reach for that next can of soda, keep in mind how many glasses of water you’ve had for the day. There’s no harm in adding an extra glass or two.

2. Avoid alcohol
If you’re planning to hit the gym or to just have that jog you’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now, avoid alcohol the day before. Avoid exercising with a hangover as this is both dangerous and could just lead to even more dehydration.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables
This hits a memory, doesn’t it? Growing up, we’ve all been reminded to finish our vegetables at meal time, and to eat a fruit or two after. Guess our stubbornness wasn’t worth it. It has been proven that fruits and vegetables contain varying levels of water and of course, the important nutrients such as potassium among others. Eat at least five cups each day, and you’re good to go.

4. Monitor fluid loss
This can be done by checking the color of your urine. Before hitting the flush, check whether you’ve been hydrated that day or not. You could still catch up on your eight glasses as long as you haven’t called it a day yet. If well-hydrated, your urine should be pale yellow, not dark. Also, it shouldn’t be too smelly or cloudy.

5. Replace fluid or sodium losses
This can be done through eating watery foods that contain just the right amount of salt coupled with potassium. Soup and vegetable juices can do the trick.

Cliché as it sounds but health is wealth. No one can afford the price to pay once health deteriorates and decides it’s had enough. So before anything unfortunate happens, keep those hydrates where they’re supposed to be.

Why 30-ish Women Are the Most Attractive?

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Permalink

There are so many things that make women in 30s more attractive than females in their 20s. Although the latter exudes youthfulness in the physical aspect, the former emanates emotional stability and intellectual charm, which men find most attractive. And although each person’s experiences differ, here are the five reasons why we think women in 30s are the most attractive in the female kingdom.

1. You have fully embraced who you are.
Goodbye to the terrible and insecure 20s. Women in 30s are at the peak of their confidence and self-love. In your 30s, you feel more comfortable with your own skin, simply because you have ha 30 years of being yourself. You have learned to do more of the activities that make you confident and happy, and you know how to cultivate acceptance and self-love all by yourself.

2. You are more comfortable with saying “no.”
By this time of your life, you already know your priorities and—therefore—when to say no on some invitations. For example, staying in shape is a priority, which means saying no to activities that interfere with your after-work gym time. You’re not being a killjoy, you just know your priorities and what’s suitable for you.

3. You aim for classic instead of trendy styles.
During your younger years, you like to be always on trend. You want to try the newest hair colour and wear the trendiest clothes regardless how it looks on you. However, in your 30s, you’ve learned your lessons well form your past beauty and fashion mistakes and you already know what’s flattering—and what’s not—on you. You are more inclined to finding pieces that ‘fit’ instead of things that are on trend.

4. You‘ve practiced expressing yourself clearly.
Knowing what you want is one thing, but being able to clearly express what you want is another. This may be an ongoing process, but by the time you reach your prime, verbalizing what you want gets easier. Just open your mouth and express your thoughts. It really isn’t that hard like you think it is.

5. You have more self-control.
During your 20s, especially during the quarter life crisis, when a problem arises and everything in your life do not seem to work out well, you stress out, start complaining and breakdown. During your 30s? You’ve been there and done that. You know very well that every problem is passing and that it’s not worth stressing over, so you coolly accept it and deal with it like a pro.

As they say, women are like wine: they get more sophisticated with time. You have your everyday life figured out, and you have mastered the process of looking and feeling great inside out.

Healthy Food Alternatives That Could Change Your Life

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 | Permalink

As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. One simple but smart food swap can lead the way to a much healthier and happier life. However, lots of people are still skeptical when it comes to healthy alternatives, thinking that it means sacrificing the flavor of their favorite foods in exchange for additional nutrients and such. That’s not always the case: with the right substitutions, this can be easily proven wrong.

1. Vanilla extract instead of Sugar

Limiting your usual sugar intake to a half and replacing the other with a teaspoon of vanilla gives just as much sweet flavor. Although this substitute still requires an amount of sugar, it would be significantly less compared to the usual. This healthy alternative could be handy the next time you do some baking.

2. Whole fruit instead of fruit juice pouches

Orange juice drinks contain little amount of the pulp or skin from the actual orange and almost has no fiber content left. Instead of drinking fruit juice pouches, eat whole fruits in order to enjoy the full nutritional benefits it offers. Fruits are sweet and healthy to snack on, plus you can also save some calories compared to eating the usual snack food.

3. Natural peanut butter instead of reduced-fat peanut butter

As appealing as “reduced-fat” peanut butter jars are labeled as, they actually contain more sugar and additional additives than the classic ones. Natural peanut butter, especially of the unsalted variant, provides the comforting flavor most of us are familiar of without the extra artificial ingredients. Try buying one from your local farmer’s market and see for yourself.

4. Lettuce leaves instead of tortilla wraps

Substituting carbs for fresh lettuce is a fun alternative that can easily lighten up any wrap or taco dish. Using lettuce leaves gives more nutritional value to the meal in general. The whole munching experience takes on a different level too, as it provides a juicy little crunch your typical tortilla wrap does not offer.

5. Salsa instead of cream-based dips

For your next party, replace your traditional cream-based spreads with salsa — which is a much fierier and more flavorful alternative to cheese dips. Let your chips relish in the rich tomato-based sauce and get additional nutrients only for fewer calories. Total yum and win!

6. Black coffee instead of latte

If caffeine boost is what you need, have a simple black coffee. Not only will it satisfy your caffeine fix but it also cuts down on your sugar intake. Latte and frappuccinos contain a significant amount of creamers and sugar and for mere caffeine, they aren’t worth the calories or the cash.

5 Effective Ways to Detoxify Your Mind

Monday, August 24th, 2015 | Permalink

We talk a lot about how we can detoxify our body these days, but not about how we can cleanse and nourish our mind. And it’s the overthinking mind that makes us feel anxious, worried, and basically, keeps us from moving forward in life. The good thing is, there are some life changes that can help you in detoxifying your mind from all of the overthinking in your life and career.


1.       Savour the Silence. It is when we spend time in silence that we start quieting our mind’s chatter and experience the awareness of being. So don’t think of silence as something that separates you. Instead, see it as an opportunity to appreciate yourself more. A good way to do it is to sign up for a silent retreat, or spend at least an hour of your day in silence.

2.       Get Moving. Whether you’re doing a meditative movement or some heart-pounding routine, exercising really aids in getting you out of your head and into your body. It’s another excellent way of letting yourself step into the present moment and keep your brain active.


3.       Practise Mindfulness. Mindfulness is another great way to cleanse your mind off its multitasking madness. Learn to direct and rest your mind on the present moment instead of regretting the past, or worrying about the future. With this, not only will you be able to clear out your mind, you’ll also develop a skill of directing towards a real-time focus.

4.       Allot Enough Time to Daydream. Ever noticed how great ideas come flooding to your mind after giving your brain enough time to roam? Well, that’s the magic of allowing yourself to daydream. By giving yourself a permission to daydream, you can cleanse your mind off all of the worries and useless repetitive thoughts. Daydreaming simply gives you enough mental breathing room, which allows your innate creativity and wisdom to just come forefront.

5.       Try Out Yoga Nidra. Apart from helping you stay physically healthy, doing a yoga exercise like yoga nidra can also be a good way to detoxify and relax your mind from all the stress. What’s amazing about this yoga form is that it utilizes techniques like breath awareness, body scanning and guided imagery to quiet an overactive mind, and nurture a meditative state of consciousness. Just the perfect routine to give your brain its much needed relaxation.

Just like our body, our mind needs some detoxifying too. So keep these detoxifying tricks in mind, perform them when needed, and you’ll be surprise as to how much improvement your thinking capacity will have later on.


Online Shoppers Beware! 4 Health Products You Should Never Buy Online

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 | Permalink

From groceries to clothing to furniture, Singaporeans are fond of browsing the web to shop for their needs. However, we cannot always expect that everything sold online are of good quality, most especially the health products.


With greed comes a lot of fraud, sellers don’t about the effects of the products to our health since they just want money. While you have to be careful of the things you buy online, these four health products can lead you to trouble—and health destruction.

1.       Some Prescription Medicines

If an online store allows you to buy medicines without doctor’s prescription, consider this a big red flag—especially for certain kinds such as heart medication. Even for the good reasons, you cannot legally buy restricted substances without doctor’s prescription. This includes common medications Ambien and Xanax.

Buying such medicines online without prescription could leave you with fake products that could contain hazardous ingredients.

2.       Weight Loss Supplements

You’ll never know what you’re getting when you buy your weight loss product online. Food and Drug Association (FDA) emphasizes that they have found undeclared and unsafe ingredients from online-bought weight loss supplements. Many of these products aren’t FDA-approved, so you can be sure that these products have not passed the safety standards.

measuring tape and pills

If you really want to check out something that promises to rev up your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight, tell you doctor what this product is before buying it even it says “natural” or “organic” on the label.

3.       Breast Milk

When it comes to the baby’s nutritional needs, breast milk is indeed the best for them but not if it’s from an online source. The problem with online breast milk is that it is an unregulated industry, so it can be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses.

What’s more, researchers tested over 100 samples of online-sold breast milk and found that more than 10% were mixed with cow’s milk, which can cause allergic reaction. It is understandable that some mothers want to buy breast milk if they can’t produce their own. However, the temptation of making more money might be too much for some sellers to put their product at stake, therefore possibly harming the consumers.

4.       Hormone Replacement Medications

If you’re approaching menopause, you might be tempted to buy hormone replacement products, herbs, or creams online. Who wouldn’t want a quick-fix to get back that healthy sex-drive, right? But beware! Don’t fall into the wrong hype.

Most hormone replacement products sold online are labelled “natural”. While this can make you feel safe, you always need a doctor’s approval when taking any kind of hormone product. Only professional doctors can ensure you get the right kind of hormones in the right amount.

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing things online. In fact, this can be a great alternative as most products sold online are a lot cheaper compared to regular malls and stores. However, not all products are guaranteed safe, especially products from the health industry. Remember that your health doesn’t come cheap, so it’s better to be safe than sorry by buying health products only under professional supervision and from legitimate sources.



Love Hurts

Thursday, October 30th, 2014 | Permalink

Love is not just an emotional feeling. It is a state of being healthy. When you are in love, you take good care of yourself and the same goes for your loved one. Indeed being in-love is a nice feeling and state but what if it turns sour? You tried everything to rekindle it but it did not work out. You are left broken hearted.


You know that there is such thing as broken-heart syndrome, right? You just do not know what exactly happens to your body. Some people say it is only a state of mind but you have to believe that it will take a toll in your health. When you are broken hearted, your body feels weak. Suddenly you feel like you are vulnerable to viruses and other diseases. To give you an idea, here are some effects of being heartbroken:

  • Brain: When you see a reminder of the times you had, your brain can either make you feel hurt or happy for a moment. When your brain chooses to make you feel happy, blood will rush through your ventral tegmental area. If the brain chooses to produce pain, blood will rush through your dorsal posterior insula and the somatosensory cortex. You will be relieved to know that there is a left prefrontal cortex that is in charge of the evaluation; it will assure you that maybe the breakup is for the best.
  • Hormones: The moment you broke up, your adrenal glands started to stir. Hormones like adrenaline and cortisol will kick in. These hormones are your body’s response to stress. The stress level depends on how bad the breakup was.


  • Immune system: Knowing that stress hormones are released, there is no doubt that your immune system will be weakened. You will develop sickness. You do not need that right now.
  • Stomach: Being heartbroken will affect your digestion. When you feel depressed and stressed out, you will notice that your digestion will slow down. There are times that your stomach will hurt or worse, you will have zero appetite.
  • Skin: You will also lose your glow when you endure a break up. Remember the cortisol which produces stress? It will trigger oil build-up which will lead to acne.

Before your broken heart destroys your beauty and vigour, you have to act right away. Do not settle and believe that your heart will heal in time. You have to take it as an opportunity to be better. To cope up, the first thing that you should do is keep yourself busy. There are many activities that you can try here in Singapore. You can also visit different places outside of Singapore for a change.

Good luck!