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Inconspicuous Things That Could Cause Your Breakup Later On

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Some deal breakers in a relationship are obvious and immediate. Whether it’s because of body odour or because they chew loudly, they are the things that send you scrambling for excuses to cut your date short. However, there are also deal breakers that, at first, seem like issues that you can ignore – things that bother you deeply, but can also get easily dismissed. What you don’t know though, is any of these “little things” could trigger your breakup later on.

  1. His Career Goals

Most people value the importance of furthering their career, while there are some who only see their job as a means to an end. While there’s no right or wrong belief here, things could get messy for both you and your partner later on if his work ethic is starting to bother you now. If your beau is too passionate in his work, then expect to have a lot of dinners by yourself as you move in together. Likewise, don’t expect him to become the boss of their company if he’s content at keeping his head down at work.

  1. His Past Relationships

Dating someone and deciding that their past relationships doesn’t matter is quite easy. After all, what it’s important is how you’re together now. This is true to some extent, but if your significant other has a history of jumping from one relationship to another, then it’s possible that there’s some deeply rooted pattern there. Everything might be going well for you now, but if there’s a patter that shows that he’s a serial cheater, then there’s a good chance that you’ll wind up the same way as his exes.

  1. His Religious Views

You can simply tiptoe on this issue for a while, but at a certain point, you’ll have to discuss it again if you really intend to marry your partner. If you both feel strongly about your respective religious beliefs, then this issue could really turn the screw and cause a lot of stress for both of you. To avoid this, ensure that you discuss this matter early on, but do keep in mind that you might not be able to change your partner’s mind.

  1. His Attitude About Having Kids

This issue can be quite easy to ignore, but rest assured, it could also spell disaster in your relationship later on. The conversation about having kids often come up early in a relationship, and it’s quite easy to decide to revisit that idea years later. However, if didn’t agree on whether or not you’ll be having kids back then, then you never will. Sure, people change their minds, but don’t expect your partner to hit a certain age and just decide that you’ll have kids.

Although some relationship deal breakers seem to be inconspicuous, these things are really what we should look out for. So do discuss the aforementioned deal breakers with your partner beforehand to ensure that you’ll have a happy and healthy relationship.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Dating Services

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Many people are aware of what professional dating agencies are. There are also some who only know a few about it. Nonetheless, whether you are already familiar with this kind of agency or not, you will immediately get an idea once you heard it. It is because the service offered by this agency is very apparent in its name. It offers to get a date for its client in order to find his or her lifetime partner.


The Dating Agency

Are you one of those people who are feeling so alone and lonely? Are you among those people who are looking for a partner in life? If you are, then you might need the help of a dating agency. It is an agency that takes good care of the dating activities of its client.

No, they do not find a girlfriend or boyfriend for you. What they do is that they look for people who have passed the qualifications you indicated. Then, they will schedule you on a date with these people. It will be up to you if you like the person they have matched for you or not. If not, then they will look for another one until you find someone worthy to spend your whole life with.

Most often than not, clients of dating agencies are very satisfied with the result of the matchmaking service. It is because they were able to find not just a lifetime partner, but the best lifetime partner for them. Well, we should not be surprised. Considering the very keen process of selecting individuals, it is already given that there is a higher chance that the client will definitely find his or her match in this activity.


Why Hire A Dating Agency?

While there are a lot of people who trust and patronise professional dating services, there are also some people who doubt the effectiveness of this kind of service. These people usually cannot see the point of hiring a dating agency. This is why we have a prepared a list of reasons on why we should hire this dating service:

Take the Pressure Away

There are a lot of single professionals who are much pressured in finding the love of their life. By hiring a professional dating agency, they will no longer feel the pressure. They can focus on their career or personal growth. Why? It is because they do not have to think about their love life. The agency will be the one to take care of it. They will be busy themselves in finding the perfect pair for you.


4 Signs to Call It Quits

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It’s devastating to end a relationship. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic one, deciding to go on separate ways is not going to be easy.


If you’re not sure whether to call it quits with your long-time beau, you have a few advisors: your family and friends. But ultimately, you are the one who’s going to tell whether or not to continue the relationship. Here are five signs that it may be best to call it quits with your partner.

1.       You find reasons to start a fight with him.

You get mad because he wasn’t able to respond to your text right away even though he has told you that he’s with his buds playing basketball. You just become increasingly hot-tempered, raising voice over the smallest reasons. The point here is not him being insensitive, but you constantly looking for a reason to pick a fight with him. It could be because you find him annoying and you’re looking for an excuse to end the relationship.

2.       You no longer put effort to look beautiful.

It’s not that you have to look dolled-up at all times. However, if you have stopped caring about how you look when you two go out, you might want to ask yourself why. Is it because you’re just too comfortable around him or you just think he’s not worth the time and energy anymore?


3.       You find other people more attractive.

Since you’re losing interest with your partner, you suddenly develop crushes on most unlikely people—your co-worker, workout buddy, or even the barista. Whether it’s just a fantasy or harmless flirting, your life now has some unexpected guests that you know—deep inside you—your partner should be alarmed of.

4.       Your gut feeling can sense that the end is near.

Your intuition is the best sign for the end of your relationship. As of now, you’re still worried about the way things are going between you and your partner. You have tried communicating your concerns, but for some reason you feel like you’re not heard. Listen to your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. Don’t worry too much though—ending your relationship means you can both move on to much better lives—and partners, soon.

It’s difficult to decide whether you should end a relationship, especially if you love the person and you have been together for quite some time. However, if the relationship does you more harm than good, ending it could be the best thing you can reward yourself.



5 Ways to Balance Your Time for Your Guy and Your Friends

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Balancing your time for your new guy and your girls can be a bit tricky but it can actually be done if enough effort is exerted and with the right planning. Still wondering how it can be successfully done? We’ve listed down five tips on how you can manage your balancing act with some of the most important persons in your life.

Teenage Girl Friends Hanging Out

1.       Set a Schedule and Prioritize. Schedule a day for your girl’s night out and for your date with your guy. During those times, make sure to show some respect by being really there. Ensure that both your body and mind is present during your get-togethers. On the days where you have a hectic schedule, set a specific day for your friends and your guy. This way, you get to see them while still being able to look after your own needs.

2.       Honour Your Commitment. If Saturday nights are meant for your girls, then stick with it. Show up and be there mentally and physically. Never cancel your plans with them just because your boyfriend asks you to do so. If there’s an emergency you need to attend to, let them know beforehand so that they’ll be able to rearrange their plans as well.

3.       Plan Group Outings. If both your boyfriend and friends are comfortable hanging out together, then consider going on group outings. It’d also be a great idea to have his buddies join. That way, you get to introduce his squad to your own squad and you’ll become one awesome group.

Friends hanging out by a pool

4.       Meet New People Together. Meeting new friends together with your beau is actually a good idea. Through this, you’ll be able to meet individuals who have a good understanding of what it’s like to be in a relationship while keeping your friends satisfied and happy.

5.       Spend Some Time Apart. Regardless of how much you want to keep your guy and your girls happy, understand that you’re not a machine. You also need to have some me-time. Spending some time apart is actually healthy as it allows you to breathe. So go ahead and tell your beau that you need to have some me-time. We’re sure that he needs it too, and he might thank you for giving him his personal time.

When you’re in the I-want-to-spend-my-life-with-you-24/7 phase of your relationship, balancing your time between your friends and partner will really be hard. But by learning to prioritize and stay true to your commitment, you’ll definitely be able to divide your time between them without neglecting your own needs.