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Exchange Students: The Drawbacks

Sunday, August 10th, 2014 | Permalink


Part of being an exchange student you must be immune to homesickness. This is actually one of the challenges that you have to take in order for you to keep going for the accomplishment of program.  When you are far away from home, it is normal to miss everything that you are doing with your friends and family. And to make it through, you just have to focus on why you are there and try to get busy by exploring the country and its people.


Culture shock

If you are in a new country, this will always be expected. Let’s say you are in a University that allows their students to wear anything even bikinis while mingling around with people. Well, if you are from a conservative country this will definitely shock you. Another one is when you are in a country where in they normally eat creepy insects and you are from a country that is known for its sophistication and wealth, this will definitely jolt you.



As an exchange student, conflicts between you and your host family may not be prevented.  These conflicts should be solved immediately or else this may hinder the success of the whole program. These usually resulted from the diverse values and beliefs of both parties. The host family should be the one who will make sure that you are well taken care of while you are in their custody and as a sign of appreciation you need to respect and adapt the way of their living.