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Smart Consumer Tips in Buying Fresh Produce

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 | Permalink

Sometimes, the mere appearance of produce can trick us into buying them without even ensuring their freshness. It is a sad surprise to cut into your freshly-brought fruit only to find out that it’s brown, unripe, or bruised. To prevent this from happening (especially because produce generally do not have a return policy), you need to familiarize yourself with what to look for.

With some fruits, you can already determine their ripeness merely based on color, while others require a touch or a light squeeze. Being a smart consumer doesn’t happen overnight. There are lots of tips you should know. Here are some of them:

1. When buying pineapples, look for one which has a golden color. Also, ensure that the fruit has a sweet scent. If it does not give off any scent at all, it is likely still unripe. If it smells a little vinegary, chances are it’s overripe.

2. Ripe eggplants are never soft. In buying eggplants, look for ones that are elastic and tight when you put pressure on the fruit by giving it a light squeeze. (Yes, technically, eggplants are fruits.) Its skin must also be dark in color and should have no evident blemishes or scars.

3. Fresh watermelon sounds hollow and often feels heavy. If a watermelon is heavy, it indicates the fruit is full of water hence it is likely ripe. Tap on the watermelon lightly and ensure it sounds hollow – as the sound it produces is another indicator of ripeness. Don’t forget to check with the underside of a watermelon as well: a light or yellow spot on the bottom indicates that the watermelon is ready to eat.

4. In searching for ripe tomatoes, conduct a touch test. Fresh tomatoes are not usually indicated by its color alone. The best way to ensure its ripeness is to test it by touching, and if it slightly yields to your touch, it is guaranteed that the tomato is at its optimal ripeness. Any less would mean it would take a couple of days more for the tomato to ripen.

5. Strawberries taste as good as they smell. This comes in handy when you are browsing through strawberries at the fruit section in the grocery. You can determine ripe strawberries through its scent, as it smells exactly as you want it to taste. If the fruit is odorless, it probably doesn’t taste much. Strawberries are also ideally bright red in color and is free of any blemishes.

Unproductive Habits to Avoid

Monday, February 19th, 2018 | Permalink

Habits are what make us. Although we don’t define ourselves by our mistakes, we generally still define ourselves with what we do. If we look at it in a broader sense, even work is a habit! Now as the famous line goes, “garbage in garbage out” which means that the habits that are sown together define our lives altogether.

Imagine being a drunk, that is one of his major habits and that is definitely something that will affect who he is. Now imagine being a surfer, surfing is his habit but it is also what builds him. There are hundreds of healthy habits out there that make us more productive but for this article, we will discuss the certain habits that don’t make you productive or shall we say, make you unproductive.

Here are some of the unproductive habits you need to avoid.

1. Stalling
Stalling something means you are leaving it to be done later which is a terrible habit because once this becomes a habit, the amount of time you then choose to stall increases even more. People who stall things in life end up moving at a slower pace which might even be a hindrance for them to reach their goal in life even if they’ve already made up a plan.

2. Excessive planning
Speaking about planning, did you know that excessive planning is bad for you? How? Because the more you mislead yourself into believing that your plan is incomplete even if it is, the longer it will take for you to get started. Another dangerous thing about excessive planning and why it is so addictive is because of the dopamine release you get when new ideas spark up in your head. Dopamine is released when we feel a sense of completion and fulfillment but if we plan excessively, we end up releasing too much dopamine that we become satisfied with just planning instead of actually doing what we have to do.

3. Doubts
Having doubts is like sitting on a rocking chair. It moves back and forth but doesn’t get you anywhere. When doubts begin to flood your head, anxiety starts to creep in which breeds more thoughts and instead of narrowing your focus to the task at hand, you end up broadening your vision which might then include things that aren’t even necessary. At least 60% of the doubts we have do not happen. Another thing about doubts is that it decreases confidence which later on decreases productivity. You can’t be productive if you aren’t confident in what you are doing.

Sometimes it’s not just about the things we don’t do that makes us unproductive, sometimes it’s also about the things which we do wrong.

Tentage Rental and Canopies – Which Should You Choose For Your Event?

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 | Permalink

Outdoor venues are great choices for summer events. Party tents can help accomplish an unforgettable outdoor event. These tents can keep your guests dry when rain unexpectedly pours and can also shield your guests from the scorching heat of the sun. There are various types of party tents available in Singapore tent rental suppliers.  

tentage-1 (2)

Such tents come in different forms, sizes, and styles. Each of them have their own feature that best fits to a particular event, such as wedding, birthday party, small get-together, and many other more. Here are some of the tents available in tentage rental companies and a short description of their features for you to know when and where they are most suitable for.

Canopy Style Tents

This type of tent has no side walls and is the most economical one. If you’re planning for a backyard barbecue party with the family or just looking for a little shading for an outdoor activity, a canopy tent is an ideal pick.  Canopies must be secured into the ground and needs four to five additional feet on all four sides for staking.


Frame Style Tents

Frame style tents are ideal if you can’t stake, there’s no enough space for guy ropes, or installing up against another structure, like patios, decks, buildings, rooftops, or on boats. These tents are erected on the ground and skimmed with fabric. The metal structure from Nanyang tentage in Singapore that supports the whole tent does not need the tension of guy ropes to keep it still. However, for further security, it can be anchored to inserts, directly staked to the ground, tied to weights, or in most cases a combination of securing methods can be used. A frame style tent has no center poles, letting you decorate the interiors freely and maximizing every space available inside the tent. Moreover, frame tents are sturdier than other tent styles and can endure heavy snow loads and strong winds.


Clear Span Tents

If you need more space than what a frame style tent can provide, ask your tent supplier if they can provide you clear span tents. Just like frame tents, clear span tents are from center poles, allowing space maximization and more mobilization inside the tent. Commonly, such tents are used for big events like weddings, commencements, and corporate events. And most tentage rental companies pair these tents with chairs and tables, decorations, and audio system for a complete party package, as it is utilized mostly for such a function. It also requires long term installation since its immense structure needs rigid support. Clear spans are constructed with gable ends and feature an “A” frame interior made of heavy duty metals.

High Peak Tents

High peak tents are commonly used in events that usually run for a long time. This is also a very popular pick for Singapore weddings because of its elegant high peak look. Furthermore, such tents are very durable, which can endure heavy rain and strong winds. Its peaked roofs are designed to let rain run off smoothly. High peak tents are also highly portable, but costs more than the other portable types of tents.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Home

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 | Permalink

After the decline of the sales of private homes in Singapore last July, a 54.3% rise was noted in the month of August. The figure was released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Last July, there was only 481 units sold but when August came, it almost doubled into 742 units. This goes to show that many people are buying private homes.

If you are thinking about buying a house, you should be mindful of many things. Here are some things that you need to think about:


The Mortgage

It is good if you paid in cash but if you considered mortgage or loans, you should determine if you can do it. If it is a big house, chances are you will pay a big chunk of money every month. You should study the terms or the payment scheme.


If you are working, you should make sure it is near your workplace, the market or your children’s schools. If not, at least make sure you are near public transport. For example, is an MRT station or bus stop near? If it is near, the house is good.

The Facilities

Many people think of country clubs with swimming pool when facilities are mentioned. Well, aside from that, you should check the fence or the security of the whole neighbourhood. Are their patrol guards all the time? Then you should think about the waste disposal and the supply of water.

Good luck in finding the perfect house! If you are thinking about the family, you should rethink your ideas because you need bigger spaces. All of us deserve a house. Do not deprive your family of a house. But if you are still on the process of saving for your house, explain to your family the delay.

Getting Your Business Ready to Sell

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 | Permalink

As a businessman, you put up your company because of your love for your craft. However, no matter how much you love your company, time may eventually come that you will need to sell it. For instance, you need the money for medical support, you want to retire, or you want to start a new and more exciting business.
Regardless of the reason, you have to make sure that you’ll get the most out of it. This guide will help you to sell business by following these three important tips.


1. Design the business structure to operate even when you’re not around.

This could sound easy, but a bit tricky. Ask yourself, whether the business for sale can continue operating without problems even without your supervision. If it can’t, maybe it’s the best time to redesign your business structure. For prospect buyers to buy business, they would want one that is very convenient to handle and doesn’t require full attention from the owner but is still able to make the business productive. By reconstructing your company’s structure to a more convenient setup, you will invite more buyers to check and, hopefully, buy your business without compromising the price.

2. Make it easy to see how the buyer can attain his plans.

A Singapore client is willing to shell out a fortune for a business for sale because he has great plans for it. And your job, as the seller, is to show your client how easy it is to attain his plans and goals with your company.

Typically, these plans fall into two areas. Firstly, the prospect buyer referred from eton sell business Singapore may want to trim down the administrative part of the company in order to reduce operational expenses. With this, you may need to present a fully broken down operational cost report. This transparency will show where the company will have possible efficiency gains and help identify some savings before the sell.
Secondly, the client may have seen potential sales opportunity to your products. To further convince the buyer to buy business, present accurate records of previous and current customers, containing the records of the products they bought. This is the best time to explain why your business is a good catch.


3. Be ready to answer due diligence queries.

Most Singapore buyers start their due diligence procedure with an audit of your company’s contracts. Through these papers, the prospect buyer can determine what, if any, intellectual property your staff own or the conditions on which they can be made dismissed.

Another thing is that, it may be necessary to cancel some existing customers or supplier agreement, and it’s only through the contracts that the buyer will fully understand how it is to do this.

It is important for the buyer to know the negotiated parts of the agreements and to understand fully how you come up with your terms. Having all of this essential information to hand at the very beginning of the negotiation shows how serious you are about these matters, which is an indicator of a good deal in a buyer’s perspective.

All the three tips are very helpful in increasing the value of your Singapore business. But keep in mind that these tips should be worked on years before you decide to sell your company.

How Do You Become A Nobel Laureate?

Saturday, October 5th, 2013 | Permalink

Good news for Science enthusiasts out there. Sketches of Science is in Singapore. The travelling exhibition features the work of fifty Nobel Laureates. Volker Steger, an award winning photographer, took pictures of Nobel Laureates together with their discoveries. The exhibition at Science Centre Singapore will last for two months.

The exhibition is part of the partnership involving the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and the Singapore National Research Foundation. Singapore is the first stop in Asia. Sketches of Science is a combined venture of the Council and the Stockholm Nobel Museum.


It is possible that you can become a Nobel Laureate. The Nobel prizes, in general are awards to honour life changing works in the field of physics, chemistry, literature, medicine, economics and peace. Actually, there are no clear formula to become a Nobel Laureate but if you look into the winners, you will see what set them apart.

The Nobel Laureates are people who seek and create solutions to the problems of the world. These people are famous for their accomplishments and contributions in their own field. It would be such an honour when you are chosen to be one. There is a great chance for you to become a Nobel Laureate. The first thing that you should do is to be engrossed in your field.

The exhibitions in Singapore are a way to encourage many people especially the young scientists to reach for the star. They can become a Nobel Laureate if that is their target. The school children will also appreciate the exhibition. The exhibition in general seeks to renew the kid’s interest in science. Singapore relies on science, research and technology. It is important to look after this culture.