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What a Smart Traveller Shouldn’t Wear to the Airport

Thursday, August 16th, 2018 | Permalink

We are always on a pursuit of sporting a trendy #ootd in every destination, whether it’s just the office or the airport. And while we have done enough travelling to know what’s appropriate and what’s not at the airport, there are still a few things we can learn from more frequent travellers. Here are surprisingly common things many women wear to airports but shouldn’t be.

1. Maxi Skirts and Dresses
If you hate the idea of getting patted down, then wearing a skirt or dress—whether short or long—is not the best outfit for you, since the airport officer will have to closely check that you’re not hiding anything under that skirt. Your easiest way to go: jeans or leggings.

2. Lace-Up Footwear
This one is a no-brainer. While your lace-up sandals and knee-high buckled boots have earned hundreds of likes and hearts on Facebook and Instagram, it likely won’t make your co-passengers happy when it’s causing you to hold up a long line just trying to remove them. Keep it easy for everyone by wearing slip on sneakers or basic ballet flats instead.

3. Cargo Shorts or Pants
Other than fussy footwear, cargo shorts and pants are one of the most difficult clothing pieces at the airport. Every pocket can set off the alarm, because most likely it always has something in each pocket. Even when the officer reminds you to remove everything from your pockets, there are always some keys or coins that you forgot to remove form a hidden pocket.

4. Lots of Jewelleries
Metal jewelleries and accessories will always alarm the metal detector. One of the most common item that causes delay is the Cartier Love bracelet as this luxe bracelet can only be removed using a screwdriver.

5. Voluminous Clothing Pieces
While you may opt to wear the bulkiest coat you have instead of fitting it inside your luggage, it can be a cause of alarm when passing through the airport security. Your bulky clothing item can raise warning flags as you might be hiding something in there. Again, keep it basic and simple, otherwise you will have to go the extra screening to get through the airport security.

We get it—it’s fun to dress up. But save your ootds when you get to your destination. When heading to the airport, you can still look stylish without holding up long lines or getting yourself into security troubles by keeping your outfit chic and simple.

Why You Should Not Regret Spending Money on Travel

Thursday, July 26th, 2018 | Permalink

There are always justifications not to travel: Busy schedule, fear of flying to dangerous countries and most of all, limited budget! If you’re going to listen to those resounding reasons, you’ll probably not going to make traveling on your list. And chances are you’ll end up with regrets.

One of the most heard excuses for not traveling is to wait until when there’s more money, but this is an ill-advice for some. Karl Pillemer, a Gerontologist, interviewed elderly respondents and putting off traveling is one of the most commonly shared regrets. This too, was backed up by a separate research conducted by the British Heart Foundation where participants were asked to list down the things they wanted to do the most in life, it appeared that traveling the world and living abroad dominated the answers. According to, making the most of your time is worth the time.

While it’s true that our hard-earned money over the years is so precious, and that it represents our efforts, money itself is just a medium of exchange and of isn’t any value. Truth be told, it is living that actually means something.

It’s about saving up for tomorrow while also creating an exciting way to live and enjoy an enriching life today. Discipline in handling our finances drives our monetary goals but enjoying ourselves with our loved ones is the truest reward we aspire. We want it all, the finances to maintain the lifestyle we desire for the future and the kind of life we want to live now—while we still can, while we are still young, because we all know we won’t be forever.

A vacation isn’t solely about “traveling,” it can mean more than that. It represents time for yourself and with the people you love the most. It’s a bunch of selfies and hilarious shots you take that you can look back on and smile about. It records a memory where nothing else mattered (not even Facebook) in this world but you and your loved ones. It’s straightforward to say waiting to grow old before making that happen is not recommended because by then, it might be too late. You have your health now. With frugal discipline, affordable travel options are possible.

One day, you’ll look back and ask yourself if you made the most of your time on this Earth. When you do, you want to make sure it’s a resounding yes! More than exploring and experiencing something you’ve never had before, it’s about the time that you will never take back.

Refuse to apologize for the money you spare for traveling and for not waiting years to encounter the world firsthand. If you focus too much on saving more money, you might look back and realize you had never truly lived.

5 Essential Tips When Cruising with Kids

Friday, April 17th, 2015 | Permalink

Taking the whole family on a cruise can be a great way to relax and bond with your kids. You’ll be able to visit several places in a single trip and have so much fun and excitement as family-friendly ships are loaded with activities and entertainment that are suitable for both kids and adults. So, make the most out of your family cruise trip with these five must-know essential cruising tips.


1.       Choose a kid-friendly cruise line and check on age requirements

The most important thing you should do when travelling with kids is to choose a kid-friendly cruise line. Make sure to research on the entertainment options and age requirements for the excursions of your shortlisted ships. If you’re planning to go on a cruise with an infant or a toddler, read carefully the terms and conditions of the cruise line before booking them as some cruise lines require a minimum age of six months to one year old, depending on the cruise’s itinerary.

2.       Book the right room size for your family

Instead of booking standard cabins, book a bigger room that’s complete with shower, perhaps has a king size bed, and has bigger floor area to accommodate your entire family, especially your kids. Look for one that’s specifically designed for families to ensure your convenience. You may want to avoid rooms with balconies with bar railings for your kids’ safety. If you really must have a balcony in your cabin, look for one that’s made with Plexiglas instead of bars.

3.       Bring essential items with you instead of buying them on-board

If you’re going to travel with a toddler, don’t forget to pack a lot of wipes, diapers, baby food, bottles, and pacifiers since most cruise ships don’t carry these items around, or if they do, they’re priced horrendously expensive. Also, you should bring a carrying device for your baby, be it a small stroller or a baby carrier, since most cruise ships only have limited number of carrying devices available onboard. Make easing out easier for your kids by allowing them to bring along their favourite toys on your trip.


4.       Take advantage of your cruise’s children’s club

Top cruise lines that specialize in family trips provide free and supervised kid’s clubs. In these clubs, kids are given a chance to make new friends while their parents use their free time to relax by themselves. Children can take part in activities like treasure hunts, pool games, and even in arts and crafts. Teens, on the other hand, can enjoy themselves through dance and karaoke parties. Club services that target toddlers and infants are also available, but are quite limited. Babysitting services may also be offered, but for an extra fee.

5.       Schedule your own family itinerary

For older kids, coming up with a daily plan is a good way to monitor their whereabouts while on the trip. If they’re planning to participate on on-board activities, hand them brochures and ask them to highlight the activities they wish to attend. That way, you’ll know where to find them whenever you want to check up on them. Discuss your own plans as well, so that they’ll also be able to look for you when they want or need something.

Going on a cruise trip with your kids can actually be less stressful than you think. Just plan things ahead and allow them to enjoy the activities they want, while you also make the most of your family excursion.