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The Dangers of Abortions

Friday, October 10th, 2014 | Permalink

Abortions are present here in Singapore. According to the data recently provided by Singapore Health Ministry, there were 9,282 abortions done in 2013. This number is actually 13% lesser than the number in 2012. What does this tell you? This will tell you that more Singaporeans are continuing their pregnancy.


Women should know about the dangers of abortions and how it can affect their lives in the future. If you are curious of its dangers, you can refer here.

  • Infertility: Abortion can lead to infertility or sterility. This means that you will not get pregnant.
  • Emotional trauma: Apart from that, women who underwent abortions will experience emotional or psychological trauma that cannot be fixed easily. Women will encounter feelings of guilt, grief and anger. At times, women will experience nightmares, anxiety, depression, preoccupation and many more.

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  • Physical side effects: Of course there will always be physical side effects of abortion. There are women who experience side effects like nausea, pain, heavy bleeding, diarrhea, anemia, liver damage, lung damage and many more.
  • Other medical problems may arise: Ectopic pregnancy may arise for those who have had at least one abortion. There are severe cases where women suffer pelvic inflammatory disease which will eventually lead to infertility. There is also greater risk of having breast cancer.

You should tell these things to other women who are thinking of abortion so that they may be aware of the dangers or consequences. There are women who died of this procedure so it is important that you let this be known.