Do These 4 Things to Love Yourself Better

We all heard the advice “love yourself more,” but what does that actually mean?

As we juggle career, personal life and family, we oftentimes forget to take some time off for ourselves, but it is very important that you do. A little “alone time” can help you gain new perspective, develop a stronger sense of self-worth and improve relationships.

Don’t waste time. Here are a few ways to strengthen your bond with the very important person in your life—YOU.

  1. Get Moving

We’re not saying go to the gym regularly (although that would be good!). But try not to be a couch potato or spend too much time in front of the computer. Laziness traps your emotional, creative and sexual energies in your body, which can turn into sadness and anxiety. So instead of binge-watching your favorite series with chips in hand, get up and get moving. Whether that’s taking an early morning walk, a two-minute dance party during your coffee break or going hiking with friends, find some form of movement that’s compelling to you and make it a habit.

  • Do a Closet Purge

Cleaning out your closet is a satisfying and therapeutic activity. It is a metaphor for making space for newer and better things in life: that new pair of killer heels, a brand-new designer bag, a new relationship or an exciting career prospect seem to have ample room to fit into your life.

  • Write a Letter to Younger Self

This is an effective exercise for a genuine self-love. Writing a letter to the 15-year old you lets your present self reflect on your current life and everything you have accomplished. It can also pave way for self-forgiveness for the things you have done when you were younger that may have affected you on a negative way. Unloading to your younger self allows you to let go and move on, to be less harsh on yourself and accept that you are not perfect.

  • Escape Your Routine

Go somewhere you have never been to—alone. Initially, this can be scary, but going on a solo trip to an unfamiliar place is a great way to get a fresher perspective in life and hopefully discover new things about yourself. Keep in mind, though, that vacations are the time to forget about your worries but not of yourself, so consider going fancy and comfortable by staying in a nice hotel and indulging in soul-searching activities.

As always, start with whichever of the aforementioned tips seem either the most challenging or the easiest for you, depending on what you want to work on in your life. Try to start with one, focus on it, and when you feel like you already have a solid foundation on incorporating that habit, then it’s time to work on another one.

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