Exactly Safe Wine Consumption

Wine is not good for the health when you consume a large amount of it. Excessive consumption of wine can make complications to a person’s body. As a matter of fact, health officials all over the world announced that a person must only consume wines in moderate. Many people believe that moderate drinking is when you become drunk. But the truth is, it’s not.


Actually, many people are not educated about the proper consumption of wines and they always think that drinking a lot of wine will make them healthier. Now, what is really meant by moderate consumption? Moderate consumption is said to be good for the health most especially in wines. However, what is exactly the amount of wine to be consumed? How much glass will a person drink?

In drinking wine, there are many factors to consider; one is the person’s size, age and its health condition. Men are allowed to consume more wine than women because women quickly absorb alcohol than men. Moreover, Since women have lower water content in their body the greater the possibility of them getting drunk even if they only consume a small volume of it. In reality, we can determine if we are drunk or not.


It is said that a half-glass of wine is equivalent to about 2 units of alcohol. Thus drinking as much as two glasses of wine is not moderate. Another problem of the authorities is on how to force wine drinkers to drink moderately. And because many manual pole can make homemade wines, it is more difficult for them to find ways to stop these people to drink too much wine.


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