How Finding a New Job Can Improve Your Professional Life

Many people believe that job longevity is a thing of the past while others say that staying in your current occupation spells better security. Many of us avoid change because it is safer to stay within the confines of our comfort zones, but initiating little changes, particularly with regards to our profession can open lots of opportunities and incredible breakthroughs in our lives.


This may sound like a bold choice but when it affects your happiness, it is something that you have to consider because after all, change is inevitable and making the first move will make it easier for you to go with the tides.

We all have our own reasons why we may be unhappy about our jobs – it may have something to do with a lack of passion, the nature of our work, our colleagues or even the responsibility itself. According to, 49 in 100 candidates in Singapore became happier when they changed jobs while a different study found that at least 65% of Americans are not satisfied with their existing occupations.

These reports have come to show the larger percentage of people who have grown to be uninterested, unfulfilled and uninspired with what they are doing. If truth be told, it is pretty obvious that starting our quest to find that life-long job, little by little, is the key to our career life happiness. So, fret no more and take a look at these reasons why it is rightful to make that move, now!

1.       Doing different jobs will let you figure out what you are truly passionate about!

There is nothing more professionally painful than staying in one job your whole life without knowing what you are really good at and passionate about. You don’t want to sit on your couch at a retiring age one day, looking back and regretting the things you could’ve done and tried out while you still had the energy and chance to do so.

Without doing something, you will never realize what you actually WANT out of life, when you give yourself a chance; you will bring more to your role, the company and most especially to yourself. After all, when you never venture, you will never gain at all.

2.       Sometimes, breaking your routine is exactly what you need

Routines are nice but boring. It is monotonous that it can make us feel demotivated, stagnant and unchallenged. When you look for a new career, you break the routine and step into something refreshing that ignites a renewed drive to achieve and excel. You also discover your other potential and hidden strengths that were kept unnoticed because you chose to stay in your comfort zone for quite some time.

3.       New network can lead to new opportunities

When you change jobs, you meet new people, widen your horizon and expand your network. This opportunity can pave the way to new discoveries that will help your professional growth and soft skills. Sometimes, we can’t help but use the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” now a days.

Portrait of a beautiful young businesswoman daydreaming.

4.       Changing jobs can develop your confidence muscles

When you get the strength and heart to make a career change, you develop a sense of flexibility, adaptability and confidence. You gain a better perspective and understanding of changes and diversity while keeping up with the professional competition in the labor market. In a nutshell, you become more knowledgeable and this will materialize into a growing confidence that will make you more qualified to play the next challenging role.

5.       You learn one of life’s most valuable lessons

Ignoring the fear of losing reasonable security due to financial gains allows you to decipher what really matters to you. You begin to understand that being financially stable does not always mean happiness. You shift your paradigm where you can say that monetary benefits chase you when you do what fulfills your heart’s deepest desires.

When you find yourself trapped in this situation, of course it requires careful thought and consideration especially when your decision will affect others. The reasons you find above do not suggest that you keep on quitting jobs but it will serve as your guide on the possibilities that will open if you try to look on the other side of your fears and unhappiness.


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