How to Continue Breastfeeding Once You Resume Work

You have probably lost count of the number of times you’ve heard about how breastfeeding is the best. Sure, it was a bit easy while you were enjoying your maternity leave. But what happens when you come back to work? In Singapore, eligibility and entitlement of maternity leave is dependent on employment status. It is of utmost importance to know what is applicable to you as soon as possible. This will prepare you for the breastfeeding journey long after the maternity leave is over, should you choose to continue.


In the recent years, different techniques of expressing breastmilk while the mother is at work are being explored. When you are armed with these guidelines, giving breastmilk to your child even when you are not at home is possible:

1. Prepare your breastmilk storage paraphernalia. Most moms use electric or manual breastpump to express milk.  Recently, some moms have been doing the marmet method, known as hand expression. Tutorials are readily available in the internet. Choose and try practicing what’s convenient for you. Likewise prepare your storage containers, ice pack and insulator bag. Read up on proper storing and transporting of milk.

2. Express around the clock. Set and follow your schedule of expressing milk to maintain your supply. Manage your time especially in the office so that you can express milk during break time. Squeezing in sessions at home while your baby is asleep will also make room for more stash. Be sure to label the containers with time and date of expression. Remember the “first in-first out” rule.


3. Teach the babysitter about proper handling of expressed breastmilk. Your breastmilk is liquid gold. Nothing, not even a single drop, must be put to waste. Orient your caregiver or whoever will take care of your little one while you’re at work, on the swirling of breastmilk, on how to thaw it and on giving just enough milk for one feeding; otherwise, the leftover milk which you painstakingly expressed will be spoiled.

4. Spend time with your baby as much as possible. If you are determined to continue giving breastmilk to your baby while you are working, this should come easy. Nurse your child whenever you are together. Reserve your stash only for those days that you will be at work so you will have enough left. Avoid unnecessary trips away from home when you haven’t built your stash yet.  Maximize time with your child. After all, they are just babies for a short time. Before you knew it, they will be toddler already, exploring the world on their own.

The moment you decide to continue giving breastmilk to your child even if you are at work clearly shows how willing and determined you are. Rest assured that your sacrifices will be rewarded by your little one as he continues to grow healthy, filling your heart with the joys of motherhood!


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