Lucky Careers in the Year 2014

Singaporeans leaped with joy in welcoming the New Year. Apart from Hongbaos, the famous thing during New Year is the zodiac forecast. Chinese and non-Chinese alike look forward to the forecast with anticipation. The forecast will depend on the zodiac sign. Chinese zodiac traditionally commences with the Rat and ends with the Pig.


Every year brings new forecast. This year, if you are wondering what lucky careers you should pursue vis-à-vis your sign, you can refer here:


People born under this sign are artistic, intelligent, witty, charming and sociable. The suitable careers include manager, director, entrepreneur, writer, politician, lawyer, researcher and race driver.


People born under this sign are loyal, determined, reasonable, strong and thorough. The suitable careers include engineering, real estate, painting, interior design, carpentry and politics.


People born under this sign are confident, courageous, enthusiastic, ambitious and charismatic. The suitable careers include travel agent, writer, artist, actor, flight attendant, chauffeur, comedian and pilot.


People born under this sign are emphatic, sociable, modest, trustworthy and diplomatic. The suitable careers include police, cultivation, education, breeding, medicine and many more.


People born under this sign are flexible, artistic, eccentric, spiritual and lucky. The suitable careers include teacher, manager, lawyer, engineer, journalist, architect and inventor.


People born under this sign are organized, intuitive, intelligent, attentive, elegant, philosophical and decisive. The suitable careers include painter, analyst, scientist, jeweller, magician and sociologist.


People born under this sign are loyal, ambitious, strong, adventurous, intelligent and adaptable. The suitable careers include sales rep, pilot, librarian, journalist, publicist, bartender and performer.


People born under this sign are warm, calm, sensitive, charming, elegant and intuitive. The suitable careers include editor, musician, history teacher, paediatrician, actor, florist and hair stylist.


People born under this sign are lucky, lively, bright, smart, adaptable and charming. The suitable careers include engineering, directing, sales rep, jewellery, science, banking and accounting.


People born under this sign are flexible, confident, diverse, intelligent, honest and energetic. The suitable careers include waiter, travel writer, soldier, surgeon, dentist, fireman and police officer.


People born under this sign are loyal, steady, adaptable, courageous, smart, sociable and diligent. The suitable careers include counsellor, professor, priest, clerk, judge, interior designer and police officer.


People born under this sign are determined, sincere, optimistic, philanthropic and honourable. The suitable careers include doctor, interior decorator, veterinarian, entertainer and caterer.

At the end of the day, “you are the master of your fate, you are the captain of your soul”. Regardless of what your zodiac says, if you do not persist, you will not reach far and you will not be successful. 


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