Online Shoppers Beware! 4 Health Products You Should Never Buy Online

From groceries to clothing to furniture, Singaporeans are fond of browsing the web to shop for their needs. However, we cannot always expect that everything sold online are of good quality, most especially the health products.


With greed comes a lot of fraud, sellers don’t about the effects of the products to our health since they just want money. While you have to be careful of the things you buy online, these four health products can lead you to trouble—and health destruction.

1.       Some Prescription Medicines

If an online store allows you to buy medicines without doctor’s prescription, consider this a big red flag—especially for certain kinds such as heart medication. Even for the good reasons, you cannot legally buy restricted substances without doctor’s prescription. This includes common medications Ambien and Xanax.

Buying such medicines online without prescription could leave you with fake products that could contain hazardous ingredients.

2.       Weight Loss Supplements

You’ll never know what you’re getting when you buy your weight loss product online. Food and Drug Association (FDA) emphasizes that they have found undeclared and unsafe ingredients from online-bought weight loss supplements. Many of these products aren’t FDA-approved, so you can be sure that these products have not passed the safety standards.

measuring tape and pills

If you really want to check out something that promises to rev up your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight, tell you doctor what this product is before buying it even it says “natural” or “organic” on the label.

3.       Breast Milk

When it comes to the baby’s nutritional needs, breast milk is indeed the best for them but not if it’s from an online source. The problem with online breast milk is that it is an unregulated industry, so it can be contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses.

What’s more, researchers tested over 100 samples of online-sold breast milk and found that more than 10% were mixed with cow’s milk, which can cause allergic reaction. It is understandable that some mothers want to buy breast milk if they can’t produce their own. However, the temptation of making more money might be too much for some sellers to put their product at stake, therefore possibly harming the consumers.

4.       Hormone Replacement Medications

If you’re approaching menopause, you might be tempted to buy hormone replacement products, herbs, or creams online. Who wouldn’t want a quick-fix to get back that healthy sex-drive, right? But beware! Don’t fall into the wrong hype.

Most hormone replacement products sold online are labelled “natural”. While this can make you feel safe, you always need a doctor’s approval when taking any kind of hormone product. Only professional doctors can ensure you get the right kind of hormones in the right amount.

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing things online. In fact, this can be a great alternative as most products sold online are a lot cheaper compared to regular malls and stores. However, not all products are guaranteed safe, especially products from the health industry. Remember that your health doesn’t come cheap, so it’s better to be safe than sorry by buying health products only under professional supervision and from legitimate sources.



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