Korean Diet Secrets for Youthful, Glowing Skin

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Korean skin care is the thing today. From BB creams to skin hydrating formulas, Koreans got it all covered. However, apart from their revered 10-step skincare regimen, achieving youthful, glowing skin is attributed to their seafood- and vegetable-based diet. For Korean-like glow, here are the skin-friendly foods you would want to include in your diet.


1.       Kimchi

Kimchi is a fermented dish made of cabbage, which is seasoned with sugar, salt, garlic, and hot pepper. Anchovy and oyster are also added to add depth to the dish’s flavour. Koreans store it in large clay pots and leave them outside to ferment. The result? A crunchy, spicy, flavourful dish.

Skin benefits: This pungent dish contains lactobacillus, the same good bacteria found in yogurt, which balances the bacteria in the gut. Having healthy gut means having good skin foundation and a skin that’s less prone to acne and pimples.

2.       Seaweed Soup

Made by soaking seaweed in seafood or beef stock, this Korean soup is known for its remarkable health benefits. In Korean, seaweed soup is the first thing a woman eats after giving birth. Not only is this a tradition, but it’s also rich in vitamins and minerals that beneficial to the mother’s health.


Skin benefits: This mineral-rich soup is chock-full of complexion-boosting nutrients—just a sheet of nori has the same amount of omega3 as two avocados. Omega3 is beneficial to the skin to maintain its natural oil barrier that protects the skin from sun damage.

3.       Barley Tea

Also called boricha, barley tea like any other tea also boosts the digestive system’s metabolism. However, it boasts a few more benefits than typical teas.

Skin benefits: This Korean tea contains a god amount of antioxidants, which are effective in preventing formation of peroxynitrite—an oxidant that creates DNA damage and attacks skin tissues.

4.       Makgeolli

This is a sparkling rice wine that has slightly sweet flavour and contains about eight percent of alcohol to it. Made with yeast, water, and fermented rice, this alcoholic drink is described as a cross between a sweet sake and bubbly kombucha.

Skin benefits: A bottle of makgeolli contains as much probiotic cultures as a hundred cups of yogurt, making it a nutritious treat for your skin and digestive system. It also contains Vitamin E and amino acids, which brighten and firm the skin.

For a chance to seize that poreless and flawless looking skin—minus the expensive skin care products, go natural and give let these Korean food work their wonders into your skin.



4 Things Only Women Who Are Just Out From a Long-Term Relationship Understand

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You’ve spent years of your life with the person, talked about marriage and kids, and perhaps have started a joint bank account. Your family and friends have come to address you two as one and always ask where the other is if you’re not seen together.


Then, for whatever reason, you break up. All of a sudden, the things you share and do together, even being asked why you’re alone, sounds and feels odd to you. For the first time, after so many years, you’re on your own again. Have you been through this situation? Then we bet you could relate to these:

1. The weekends seem to stretch forever. Where once you’ve reserved Saturdays and Sundays for movies and dinner dates with your partner, now you can watch videos and have dinner by yourself, which can be good or not depending on which memories of your recently-ended relationship you dwell on. Now, your weekends are free, so you try to fill in the gap as much as possible. Late-night dinner date with girlfriends? You got it! Out-of-town trip? You’re all packed up!

2. Your future is suddenly uncertain. Even though you haven’t yet planned your future prior the breakup, you did know that your ex was going to be a significant part of it. Now that he’s out of the picture, you probably feel clueless of what your future will be. Sure, the breakup may have opened the door better opportunities— furthering your studies, transferring to a better company in another city, even migrating abroad—but which one do you pursue?


3. You’ve forgotten how to play the dating game. Once you feel like seeing other people again, you then realize that you’re now clueless as to how to go about it. Since you’ve been idle for such a long time, you no longer know what the rules are when dating. How do you say goodbye after a date? Do you simply wave goodbye, kiss him on the cheek…or shake his hand? And for the record, how will you know whether a guy is asking you on a date or simply wants to hang out with you?

4. You have a “Better Off Without You” playlist. All women who have gone through a terrible break up are guilty of this. Perhaps, you have Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and Adele on repeat? You listen to their songs while driving to work, in the office, on your way home, and maybe until you go to sleep. They are your soundtrack as you wonder what happened, what went wrong, and why things ended the way they did. And while it terribly hurts to hear the last eight years of your supposedly happy-ever-after relationship in a chart-topping song, you can’t help but repeatedly listen to it anyway.

Ending a long-term relationship sure is a horrible experience, and getting through it is an agonizing journey. While it takes time to heal the wounds and pull your life back into shape, it’s comforting to know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger overtime.


4 Money Beliefs That Are Making You Broke

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The number one thing that determines your financial success is your mindset about money, which is, for the most part, influenced by certain beliefs. Fortunately or otherwise, many negative beliefs about money aren’t true. If you want to live a comfortable life, it’s time to forget these negative notions about money and start looking for better motivation to get the things you truly deserve.


1.       “Money is the root of all evil”

We’re all familiar with this old cliché. Most people think that wealth is a hindrance to a more spiritual life, and that wanting money instantly makes a person selfish and greedy. Money is just a tool. It is in us whether we use it for good purposes or for criminal acts.

2.       “I don’t deserve this much money”

This belief is dismayingly common to a lot of career women, whether they are just starting out or at the peak of their careers. Sometimes, you may think that you don’t work as hard as everyone, that you don’t deserve a big salary or a raise. While this shows a humble and down-to-earth attitude, this negative mindset also limits your professional growth. When you’re given such privilege, accept it. The company sees you as a valuable asset. Focus on proving your worth and that they are giving you just the right compensation.


3.       “Debt is part of life”

Your parents have it, as well as your friends and colleagues, so it is perfectly fine to have debts, right? Wrong. Debt isn’t compulsory. In fact, you can live your life without owing money to anyone. However, many people are forced to get into debt because they have no control over their spending habits and believe that there’s nothing wrong with spending money they don’t have (through loans and credit cards). To make enough money, manage the money you have and always spend within your means.

4.       “Money can’t buy happiness”

Yes, you cannot go to a store with a pile of bills and ask for happiness. However, money can certainly get you things and experiences that can make you happy. Money can buy that dress you’ve been longing for so long, money can fund your favourite hobby, and money can help chase your dreams and passion. It’s money that buys you your basic needs in life, the things you need to be comfortable and to lead a happier life.

These beliefs are true to some extent, but it would do your future better if you change the way you think about money. While having good values is far more important, shaping a better life also requires smart financial decisions.


Steps in Selling your Art Online

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Living as an artist isn’t as easy as we think. It is not that easy to sell each of your artworks in a single art gallery. But thanks to help of the internet, budding artists can already sell their artworks online. To help you sell effectively sell your oil painting artworks online, here are some tips that you can use:

Art palette

1. Develop a website that can feature the high quality images of your artwork. After developing the website, link it to as many other sites as you can to improve the ratings of your website’s search engine. Aside from that, try to develop pages that can show how you create your paintings or a page that tells something about yourself. This would help you in selling your art online since most art buyers would be more motivated to purchase your work if they feel like they know something about the artist.

2. Promote your work in certain Singapore internet auction sites. There would be cases when you won’t be able to get good and high prices for your work but this might turn out profitable to you if you’re only planning on selling small art pieces that doesn’t require a lot of time or any expensive materials.

3. Ask the help of the webmasters of the websites that post and feature articles that talks about both contemporary art and abstract art. Do your best to get your artwork featured in some of the websites. This can possibly help since your potential buyers will more likely read news and personal stories about oil painting than pay attention to some ads.

Woman looking at paintings

4. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to spread the information about the art gallery singapore about your artworks. Joining social networking sites can help you establish online connections with anybody, plus you can also encourage them to pass on the images of your work to the people that they know. This can be helpful since people will more likely heed the suggestion of a person they know.

5. Make videos of yourself working on one of your art pieces or any work you have that has been accepted to an art gallery and post it on a website meant for artists and their paintings or on YouTube. Create videos which show the process that you go through when making your artworks and the possible meaning behind it. You can also post the links of the videos that you created in your website or in your social networking accounts.

6. Collect the payments for the sales that you made for your oil painting using online digital payment services like PayPal or simply by accepting check and some credit card payments. If you happen to take some checks, it would be better if you don’t ship your art work first until the check given to you has been cleared.

7. After receiving the payment for the art piece that you sold, whether to an art gallery or private collector, ship it carefully so that you can protect its material and fragility. If your work is made on paper, ship it between sheets of stiff cardboard or roll it in a sturdy cardboard tube but if the product that you’re going to ship is more fragile, then it should be properly packed, insured and shipped by a courier.

Online selling of artwork has already become a trend in Singapore and it has been proven to become effective especially for the budding artists. What it just takes is the right strategy to make your painting more saleable online.


Check Out the World’s Most Expensive Bike

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Singaporean bike enthusiasts will be happy to know that Feline One – the world’s most expensive motorcycle – will be available here soon. Feline One is the newest product of a Swiss bike company and is pegged at $280,000. The bike will be launched next year though.


Feline One was designed by Yacouba Galle. It is made from top-quality materials like carbon, fin leather, titanium and aerospace aluminium. Not all people know this man but his reputation precedes him. He built the KTM-inspired MV Bestiale not so long ago. He came back with something more astonishing bike design and technology.

Feline One is a custom-built, high tech “street fighter”, with at least fifty units to be sold in the market next year. The production will start early in 2016. This means that Galle needs to find fifty people who are willing to spend $280,000 for a bike – that’s just the starting price. Many Singaporeans are showing interest but what do they get from their $280,000 bike?

Here are some features that you might want to consider:

  • Engine: The engine details released to the public are still limited but it has been reported that it features 801cc incline triple able to produce at least 170 horsepower. Compared to the MV Agusta, Feline One has at least 22 horsepower more.


  • Frame: Feline’s weight will be 155 kilogram (about 342 lbs.) – what a sweet and light ride. The frame is titanium while the front fork, swingarm and wheel rims are carbon fibre. The front suspension is a wonder knowing that it has twin shocks.
  • Aesthetics: The appearance of Feline One is a marvel. Its sleek design features a combination of modern technology is pleasing to the eyes. The futuristic dash shows off the tachometer, red zone, odometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, front tyre temp, flasher RH, rear tyre temp, bike angle, angle warning, flasher LH, clock and engaged gear.

With its features, it goes to say that the Feline One is worth $280,000 – for those who can easily afford it, anyway. For others, Feline One is not a practical since knowing that it is not yet made so there is no way to see it physically or in the flesh.

For most bike enthusiasts, functionality is more important than a bike’s market premium. There will be more bikes in the future but the important thing is we enjoy the ride and the feel of our vehicles.


The Wonder That is Fifty Shades of Grey

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The steamy and probably most controversial movie this 2015 had dominated the box office here in Singapore. The film was released on February 12, 2015. Four days after its release, the movie already earned SGD 900,000. The movie is Rated 21 and it was released here without any cuts. It surpassed David Fincher’s “Gone Girl”.


Fifty Shades of Grey is the currently hottest topic here in Singapore. Avid fans rushed to the cinemas to see the film even with the long queue. It does not end there because non-fans also joined the frenzy. For people who still want to catch the movie, they can still watch it since it is still screening – just do not forget their identification cards.

Why all this frenzy? Before it was announced that Fifty Shades of Grey will be adapted to a movie, people are reading the erotic romance novel by E.L James. When fans heard about the adaptation, everyone was excited and finally it is here. Here are some things that you need to know about Fifty Shades of Grey:

  • Plot: The story revolves around the growing and deepening relationship of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Anastasia is a 21 year-old college senior who was asked by her best friend Kate Kavanagh to do the interview of Christian Grey in behalf of her (since Kate is ill). Christian is a successful and wealthy man. When Christian laid an eye to Ana, he was suddenly attracted to her and the plot thickens. Christian told Ana of his desires and showed her a contract. Ana agreed to sign but later ran away because she was overwhelmed by the BDSM (Bondage/discipline, Dominance/submission and Sadism/masochism) arrangement. They did not speak until Ana’s graduation. Christian was a guest speaker in the event. Eventually Ana agreed and signed the contract. Towards the end of the story, Christian showed her how extreme their BDSM relationship could become but Ana realized they are not compatible.


  • Casts: Anastasia Steele is played by Dakota Johnson, Christian Grey by Jamie Dornan, Kate Kavanagh by Eloise Mumford, Elliot Grey by Luke Grimes and Mia Grey by Rita Ora.
  • Installations: The novel have three installations or volumes. The first is Fifty Shades of Grey followed by Fifty Shades Darker and the last installation is Fifty Shades Freed. As for the movie, Focus Features and the Universal Pictures secured the rights to the trilogy on March 2012.
  • Controversies: There are many controversies revolving around Fifty Shades. There are people who criticize the novel because of its fan fiction origins. These people think that Fifty Shades bear resemblance to Twilight. There’s also the depiction of BDSM.