5 Ways to Fix the Common Hair Mistakes

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We all make mistakes, especially when our hair is involved. In fact, your hair routine might be more harmful than beneficial for your locks. We’ve consulted few expert stylists to give light to some of the common hair mistakes that most women make, as well as on the possible ways to correct these mistakes. So, if you want to have a stronger and healthier hair, keep reading on.


1.       Excessively Applying Hair Products

Applying thrice the amount of your hair treatment product won’t increase the benefits it gives to your hair. According to experts, there are no evidences showing that excessive conditioning can treat damaged strands.

2.       Over-Washing Your Hair

Unless you’re endowed with an oily scalp, or your hair tends to get greasy at the end of the day, avoid frequently washing your hair. Regular hair washing only strips off the natural oils that’s in charge for conditioning your hair. Instead of washing it daily, do it every other day and use dry shampoo in between the days.

3.       Growing Out A Bad Haircut

Having a bad haircut can be very traumatic, but it can also be easily disguised using hair extensions, or tying it into a French braid if your hair wasn’t completely cut off. Another good option to disguise your haircut is to wear wigs, or if you want to permanently improve your poor haircut, have it trimmed and styled by your stylist.


4.       Battling Dry Scalp Using Too Much Oil

Instead of relying on oils, keep your dry scalp hydrated by washing it with an apple cider vinegar and a clarifying shampoo. Doing this treatment will wash off any product residue and build ups. If you still plan on using oils, do it while steaming you hair. This way, it can properly penetrate your scalp without leaving a lot of build up afterwards.

5.       Frequently Relying On Extensions

Prolonged wear of hair extensions can damage your real hair. Take some breaks in wearing extensions as the tension it brings to the hair could lead to an irreversible and lifetime damage.

It’s quite easy to make mistakes when it comes to caring for our hair. But with these common hair mistakes exposed, it’s now easy to properly care for our locks and give ourselves a healthy-looking hair.


7 Rules in Mixing and Matching Makeup

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In mixing and matching makeup products, the trick most experts do is balance the features and the shades that will be used to enhance those features. Mostly, we love making our best feature pop while keeping the rest of our look simple. However, there are other important rules that should be followed when it comes to mixing and matching makeup. So, we’ve rounded up some expert tips that you might want to consider next time you try out a new look.


1.       Pick the feature you want to highlight. Experts said that there should be no competition when it comes to applying makeup on your face. A vibrant or a smoky eye shadow is best paired with a subtle lip colour, while a bold lip colour matched with a neutral eye makeup would also look great.

2.       Use your bronzer with your blush, not as your blush. The perfect areas to apply your bronzer would be on the hollows of the cheeks, on the jaw and the hair line. Finish off your look by adding a pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks using your blush. Always remember, bronzers don’t work as a blusher.


3.       Use agreeing undertones for your shadows. When combining colours for your eye makeup, make sure that you use cool or warm shades together. Going with one family shade will make blending a lot easier for you.

4.       Avoid powdering over your highlights and contours. The best way to do this is to apply your powder first before contouring and highlighting. Also, use a foundation that matches your actual skin tone, not the colour that you want to have.

5.       Go for more natural-looking brows. Keep in mind that when you fill your eyebrows, its end result should never resemble Nike’s logo. Make your brows fuller using a pencil, gel, or powder set in the dark brown shade. Also, don’t make your arch too high or you’ll wear a surprised look throughout the day.

6.       Don’t ever forget your eyelashes. Putting on a few coats of your lash primer and mascara is the simplest way to make your eyes pop. Apply the products starting at the root of your lashes, then coat all way to its ends to avoid mascara clumping.

7.       Your cheek and lip colour should be in complementary colour families. Basically, the colour of your lips should match with those of your cheeks. Sticking to this rule will give you a more polished look.

Mixing and matching makeup can be tricky, especially for beginners, but if you know the basics and have these rules to serve as your guide, matching makeup shades will become a lot easier for you.


5 Essential Tips When Cruising with Kids

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Taking the whole family on a cruise can be a great way to relax and bond with your kids. You’ll be able to visit several places in a single trip and have so much fun and excitement as family-friendly ships are loaded with activities and entertainment that are suitable for both kids and adults. So, make the most out of your family cruise trip with these five must-know essential cruising tips.


1.       Choose a kid-friendly cruise line and check on age requirements

The most important thing you should do when travelling with kids is to choose a kid-friendly cruise line. Make sure to research on the entertainment options and age requirements for the excursions of your shortlisted ships. If you’re planning to go on a cruise with an infant or a toddler, read carefully the terms and conditions of the cruise line before booking them as some cruise lines require a minimum age of six months to one year old, depending on the cruise’s itinerary.

2.       Book the right room size for your family

Instead of booking standard cabins, book a bigger room that’s complete with shower, perhaps has a king size bed, and has bigger floor area to accommodate your entire family, especially your kids. Look for one that’s specifically designed for families to ensure your convenience. You may want to avoid rooms with balconies with bar railings for your kids’ safety. If you really must have a balcony in your cabin, look for one that’s made with Plexiglas instead of bars.

3.       Bring essential items with you instead of buying them on-board

If you’re going to travel with a toddler, don’t forget to pack a lot of wipes, diapers, baby food, bottles, and pacifiers since most cruise ships don’t carry these items around, or if they do, they’re priced horrendously expensive. Also, you should bring a carrying device for your baby, be it a small stroller or a baby carrier, since most cruise ships only have limited number of carrying devices available onboard. Make easing out easier for your kids by allowing them to bring along their favourite toys on your trip.


4.       Take advantage of your cruise’s children’s club

Top cruise lines that specialize in family trips provide free and supervised kid’s clubs. In these clubs, kids are given a chance to make new friends while their parents use their free time to relax by themselves. Children can take part in activities like treasure hunts, pool games, and even in arts and crafts. Teens, on the other hand, can enjoy themselves through dance and karaoke parties. Club services that target toddlers and infants are also available, but are quite limited. Babysitting services may also be offered, but for an extra fee.

5.       Schedule your own family itinerary

For older kids, coming up with a daily plan is a good way to monitor their whereabouts while on the trip. If they’re planning to participate on on-board activities, hand them brochures and ask them to highlight the activities they wish to attend. That way, you’ll know where to find them whenever you want to check up on them. Discuss your own plans as well, so that they’ll also be able to look for you when they want or need something.

Going on a cruise trip with your kids can actually be less stressful than you think. Just plan things ahead and allow them to enjoy the activities they want, while you also make the most of your family excursion.


5 Ways to Deal with Sibling Jealousy

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Compared to two or three children, parenting one child is a lot easier in certain ways. As much as you try to make each of them feel equally loved and appreciated, one will still accuse you of showing favouritism. Luckily, there are some simple and effective measures that can help you deal with sibling jealousy.


So, if you’re having problems in making your children understand that you’re not playing the favouritism card, jot down these five tips that will help you foster a harmonious relationship not just between your kids, but in your entire family as well.

1.       Refrain from comparing the behaviour of your children. One simple way to avoid jealousy among siblings is to avoid comparing or praising one kid’s behaviour against his sibling, as it will only create a strain in their relationship. Moreover, you’ll end up pressuring the child that you praised while devaluing the other.

2.       Listen fairly and openly to each of your children. Not only is this a powerful and effective way to show that you’re eager to hear all sides of the story, it also shows that you respect their thoughts. The key to building a good and fair relationship between your children is to show that you’re an unbiased listener and that you value each of their opinion, no matter how different it is.

3.       Help them in nurturing each of their unique strengths. All a child wants is to be acknowledged and appreciated for their special talents. Find out the different talents that each of your children have based on their interests and natural temperament. Once you’ve already identified each of their talents, help them in cultivating it so that each of them gets to be acknowledged for their respective strengths.


4.       Schedule a special bonding time with each child. Another good way to make your kids feel loved and treasured is to individually schedule a bonding time with them. Your bonding time can include watching his favourite movie, dining at your family-favourite restaurant, or just simply chatting together. This way, you get to stay updated not just on their daily activities, but in their personal lives as well.

5.       Reinforce a cooperative behaviour between siblings. Boost the harmonious relationship between your kids by making them work together. Although there will be few moments where they’ll work hand-in-hand, don’t forget to tell them that you appreciate their efforts in helping each other out. That way, they’ll understand that harmoniously cooperating with each other is what you want them to do.

Stop driving yourself crazy by always trying to make things fair in your home, especially between your kids. Instead, teach them the skills that will promote and nurture harmonious relationship between them, so that they’ll develop respect and affection for one another.


3 New Fitness Trends for 2015

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You can read about write-ups on fashion and beauty trends for 2015 almost anywhere. It’s surprising to know that people also look out for the new fitness trends to start the year. If you are stuck in a fitness rut and want to try something new and exciting, we’ve gathered some of the new fitness trends that will become hot in 2015.


Bodyweight training

From being the second on the list of the top fitness fads last year, bodyweight training is quickly gaining more and more patrons this year. Bodyweight training involves using a person’s own body weight as a resistance for the different movements. Some of the most popular form of bodyweight training are pull-ups, push-ups and crunches. This form of training helps improve body endurance and promote muscular formation.



Zuu is a form of high-intensity training that imitates the movements of animals using only one’s own weight. It was introduced by Virgin Active in Singapore on October 2013 and since then, the attendance rate for each Zuu class is between 90 to 95 percent.


Grid is a new form of training and workout that will be available in Singapore, specifically Raffles Place by the end of January or the start of February. The session last for about 30 to 45 minutes only and utilizes pushing, bending, pulling, twisting, lunging and squatting. Express workouts like Grid are gaining more demand in Singapore because a lot of professionals want to be fit while keeping up with their crazy schedules.


3 Best Singaporean Nail Shops

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Women love to make themselves beautiful, and becoming beautiful does not only have something to do with a beautiful face or having that gorgeous body. Beauty should be observed from head to toe in order to achieve the perfect beauty.


Aside from hairstyling and makeup, another thing women obsess over is having clean and eye-catching looking nails. Nail shops thrive in Singapore because of the demand for excellent manicure-pedicure services.

If you are interested to prettify your fingernails and toenails, worry no more because we are serving you the best of the best nail salons you can find in Singapore.

Pink Parlour

Pink Parlour is a very popular chain of nail salons in Singapore that offers a wide range of beauty services aside from the expected manicure and pedicure services for its customers. These beauty services include waxing services, eyebrow grooming, spray tanning and eyelash tinting. The nail shop is notable for the professional service they give to their clients and the importance they give to proper hygiene.

Nail’s D’vine


The moment you step inside Nail’s D’vine, you’ll automatically know you are in for a luxurious and relaxing pampering. Because of this, this nail salon is popular among celebrities and expats staying in Singapore. The Victorian-themed décor of the shop will make you feel every bit of a queen getting some grooming for her nails.

Nail Queen Beauty Services

Nail Queen has made a name for itself but it quickly gained more popularity when the shop provided bridal nails services for the famous table tennis star, Li Jiawei. The beauty shop is located in one of the most famous shopping centers in Singapore, Far East Plaza to entice more customers.