How Do You Become A Nobel Laureate?

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Good news for Science enthusiasts out there. Sketches of Science is in Singapore. The travelling exhibition features the work of fifty Nobel Laureates. Volker Steger, an award winning photographer, took pictures of Nobel Laureates together with their discoveries. The exhibition at Science Centre Singapore will last for two months.

The exhibition is part of the partnership involving the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and the Singapore National Research Foundation. Singapore is the first stop in Asia. Sketches of Science is a combined venture of the Council and the Stockholm Nobel Museum.


It is possible that you can become a Nobel Laureate. The Nobel prizes, in general are awards to honour life changing works in the field of physics, chemistry, literature, medicine, economics and peace. Actually, there are no clear formula to become a Nobel Laureate but if you look into the winners, you will see what set them apart.

The Nobel Laureates are people who seek and create solutions to the problems of the world. These people are famous for their accomplishments and contributions in their own field. It would be such an honour when you are chosen to be one. There is a great chance for you to become a Nobel Laureate. The first thing that you should do is to be engrossed in your field.

The exhibitions in Singapore are a way to encourage many people especially the young scientists to reach for the star. They can become a Nobel Laureate if that is their target. The school children will also appreciate the exhibition. The exhibition in general seeks to renew the kid’s interest in science. Singapore relies on science, research and technology. It is important to look after this culture.

What to Look For In a Wedding Website

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Wedding websites have become a popular weddings Singapore trend in the past years, as more and more couples have realized the advantages of instant communication with their guests. Aside from creating a unique way of spreading important wedding details online, wedding websites also provide time-efficient ways of keeping track of guests list, catering, tasks, and other wedding preparations. Wedding websites are used by couples in Singapore because of many benefits. The first one is that it provides you a space where you can post wedding events information, receive RSVPs, and share your stories.


Basically, all personal wedding sites offer this. The second main benefit is that it allows you to use wedding planning tools, which can be a big help in planning your budget, organize tasks, and even ceremony and reception area seating arrangements. Unfortunately, not all sites have these, but more and more are implementing these functions to keep up with the competition. Finally, websites that talk about wedding singapore also offer extra features, such as online shops, wedding-related articles, forums, and even discounts from different weddings Singapore vendors. With all these services and so many choices of wedding events sites out there, finding the one that offers the best services could be very difficult. Below are the things that you should look for in order to get the best wedding website value for your money.

User Interface

The first thing to consider when looking for a wedding website in Singapore is its user interface. A good website should make it easy for you to design your own site.  Not all couples have the same level or experience in web designing, therefore, you should look for one that is easy to manipulate. Almost all wedding website has site builder feature, which makes it easier to design your site and imbed videos, photos, texts and other contents. They vary in terms of the amount of personalization. But remember that more personalization also means more work to do.


Hosting and Domain Name

Wherever you wish to host your website, it will always have a URL address. However, the address may include the site name you’re hosting with. This may not appear as a problem for you, but if it does go for a site that allows you to buy a domain name of your own. Many of wedding websites offer this feature, but may charge you $15 a year.


Planning Tools

Almost all wedding websites from Singapore offer a certain degree of assistance in planning your wedding. For the most basic level, an online RSVP feature is usually included. This is for an easier response from the guests whether they can go to your wedding or not. This function stores the name of your guests who will be coming to your wedding for you to keep track of the size of the party. Some sites also include a meal preference feature, so you will know how many guests would want to eat a certain dish and provide your catering provider with an accurate list and amount of food to make.

What a Smile Can Do

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Smile is a beautiful thing. There is this new system in Pat’s Schoolhouse Sembawang that uses facial recognition. Every child enrolled in the school is provided with three accounts-for parents, grandparent and domestic helper. The facial recognition system seeks to control the access of people in school grounds.

Parents, grandparents or domestic helpers only need to smile to enter the school grounds. This is the first of its kind here in Singapore. There are positive feedbacks pertaining to this new system. Some parents say it is easy and convenient especially when they are carrying the kid. Aside from access to school grounds, a smile can:


Make you attractive

There is no doubt that smiling makes you attractive. Who would want to come to someone who always frown or scowl? Smiling welcomes and attracts people.

Changes your mood

Notice how a smile changes your mood. When you feel down and sad, try putting a smile and you will feel lighter and happier.

Reduce stress

When you are stressed, it will show up in the face. Smiling will make you look beautiful and energized despite the tiredness and exhaustion. Make it a habit to smile even things are hectic.

Releases happy chemicals

It is said that when you are happy, the body will release chemicals like endorphins and serotonin-the natural painkillers. Smiling will make us feel good.

The list goes on. Smiling can really make a difference at the end of the day so instead of frowning, make it a point to smile. Smile though your heart is aching. Smiling is not hard hence there is no reason not to do it. You will inspire other people and you will invite good things.

Think Before You Click

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Singapore is facing a lot of scares or threats. Bomb threats earlier this year was noted and now the false PSI figure and the online article talking about the presence of SARs (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). These scared a lot of people.

The authorities are doing its best to capture the people who are behind this malicious news. These people have nothing to do during their spare time but to scare other people. They find joy seeing other people’s misery. Woe to them.


Are you aware that dissemination or sending of false messages could be considered as scaremongering? You cannot run from the law because it will find you. If you are spreading false messages that disturb the national security and public safety, you will be punished and disciplined. To give you an idea, here’s an excerpt of Section 45 of the Telecommunications Act:


A person will be considered guilty if (1) he/she broadcasts a message for which he/she is aware to be false or fabricated or if (2) he/she causes to broadcast a message for which he/she is aware to be false or fabricated.


If the person is found guilty, he/she will pay a fine of S$10,000 or serve 3 years of imprisonment. If it is serious, the person may experience both (fine and imprisonment).

Sending false message is a serious matter. Unfortunately not all people understand the gravity of the situation. Scaring the public and cause mass panic is not good so think before you click. You should be conscious of what you write, post or comment from now on because the authorities will not take you lightly.

Unity Amidst Cultural Diversity

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Singapore is home to different cultures, communities and religions. The peaceful coexistence and respect are evident here. If you are wondering why, it is recommended that you visit ethnic quarters to see and experience their way of life. You can begin with:

Malay Culture


Malays are the original inhabitants of Singapore but today, they represent the second largest ethnic group. Malays speak the Johore Riau dialect. The majority of Malays here are Sunni Muslims. They pray to Allah five times a day and they observe fasting every Ramadan. They only eat halal foods. Famous festival includes Hari Raya Puasa. If you want to see their arts and have some shopping, you should head to their district-the Kampong Glam.

Peranakan Culture


Peranakan refers to the descendants of Chinese merchants who migrated to Malay Archipelago. Pernakan culture refers to the mixture of Malay and Chinese traditions. Pernakans enjoy tasty, spicy and aromatic foods like Nyonya dishes. You can go to Pernakan Museum to learn more about their traditions and customs. If you want a realistic one, head to Joo Chiat and Katong.

Indian Culture


Indians are the third largest ethnic group here in Singapore. Almost half of the Indian population here is Hindu with more than 30 Hindu temples spread across the country. Hindus celebrate Deepavali or fondly known as Festival of Lights or Diwali, Indian New Year and Thaipusam. If you want to see the community, you can always visit Little India.

Regardless of your ethnicity, you are welcome in every festival or gatherings. You will now understand why Singapore is the melting pot of cultures. After your visit, you will surely appreciate every culture and you will see how each culture contribute to the development of the nation. Go out from your ethnic group and discover the camaraderie of other groups.

Singapore’s Finest Galleries

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If you are an art buyer or simply an art aficionado, you will be rewarded here in Singapore. The country offers numerous art galleries with fine collections of both international and local art pieces available for viewing or for purchase. Make sure to visit these art hubs:

Singapore Art

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

The Esplanade is a famous cultural landmark because it houses concert halls, studios, theatre, auditorium, library, mall and, more importantly, a gallery. The gallery space is wide with fine selections of artworks. The admission is free. For inquiries, you can call them at (+65) 6828-8377.

Opera Gallery

Opera Gallery is located in ION Orchard. The gallery offers high-end art. They have collections of artworks from Chagall, Miro, Dali, Guguin, Buffet, Braque and Picasso. Aside from international artists, the gallery also exhibits works of local artists. When you buy artworks here, you will be assured that you are buying from experts. For any concerns, you can call (+65) 6735-2618.

Utterly Art

Utterly Art is located on Mosque Street. The gallery presents eclectic art pieces that will surely excite anyone with an artistic bent. However, you should call first (at (+65) 9487-2006) to make an appointment before visiting.

There are other art galleries that you can consider. There’s Tyler Print Institute, Living Portraits Gallery, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Dynasties Antique and Art Gallery, Aseana Gallery, Asia Ancient Gallery, Art Facet, Connoisseur Art Gallery and many more.

Appreciation of the arts is not a bad thing. If you need to buy something, do it! At the end of the day, the important thing is you are happy with whatever you purchased.