Things You Should Know about Mobile Health Screening

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Mobile health screening has become a trend today. In Singapore, most business establishments offer corporate health screening by inviting a screening team to their location and run several screening tests to every employee. The team involves certified medical doctors and health technicians to ensure legitimate results from the overall screening procedure. However, there are still some people who are completely unaware of what mobile health screening is and how it works.


1. “Mobile” means moving
Mobile screenings has moving locations for two reasons: to reach rural areas and to accommodate private health screenings. The team travels to different locations in a specially-equipped automobile that contains all the screening equipment. This is the best option a screening establishment can offer to business establishments who want to give their employees an annual health screening program without the hassle of bringing everyone to the screening location. Mobile screening is also used to conduct free screening programs in hard-to-reach locations, like in rural areas or in areas affected by calamities.

2. Are held in convenient community locations
Mobile screenings are held in different convenient locations. Public buildings, community centres, gyms, and even churches can serve as a screening location. The health screening Singapore event is announced weeks in advance to let the community residents know what, when, and where the health screening will take place. Many participants appreciate and prefer screening tests that are held in places they are familiar with, rather than in a clinic or doctor’s office.

3. It covers multiple types of diseases
Mobile screenings include complete health screening packages, like what medical institutions in Singapore offer. They have screenings for hepatitis, urine, cholesterol, HIV, blood, and many more as part of their health screening packages.


4. It is more affordable
Mobile screenings are more affordable than the usual doctor’s-office setup. It is cheaper because fewer facilities are used and everything runs on battery not like in a doctor’s office where everything has to run on electricity.

Mobile screening is a medical advancement invented by health screening establishments to reach out to different kinds of people who are conscious with their wellbeing. They provide legitimate screening procedures by professional doctors in an affordable price. Most importantly, the screening allows everyone to find out potential life-threatening diseases and, if found one, will be able to cure them. The easy-accessible screening will not only save your pocket from financial breakdown, but will also save your family from lifetime heartbreak.

Importance of a Wedding Planner

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It is after marrying his partner that a man starts on a new life raising a family fulfilling his obligations. Wedding ceremony therefore holds great significance in the life on an individual, which is why wedding planning and having a wedding planner are also very important. This is where a wedding planner comes into picture. Wedding planning requires a professional who has the expertise to plan and execute events as per planning. In Singapore alone, couples may find a wedding planner who has attained the status of a celebrity given their demand in the wedding market.


Why take risk of holding the event on your own

It is a fact that girls dream about their wedding for a longtime and when it is just round the corner, it is the endeavor of every girl to make sure that there are no mistakes and flaws in the entire ceremony and the event passes off smoothly. Now, planning a massive event like a wedding is no joke as people have found before you. Those like wedding planner singapore who are successful in organizing and executing everything as per their liking are those who start early and hand over specific tasks to other people. Manpower is the key to efficient planning, and execution of a huge event like marriage requires a lot of time and effort.

When it is your own marriage, there are hundred other thoughts on your mind and it becomes impossible to concentrate upon just holding the event smoothly. People in Singapore say that handling a marriage has become very difficult these days with some nerve wrecking situations and circumstances cropping up just before the event causing a lot of stress for the family. This is why it has become common these days for people in Singapore to hand over the task of wedding planning and executing a marriage ceremony to a wedding planner.

Wedding planners have the time and manpower to deliver the results

Right from the selection of the wedding venue to decoration of the wedding car and finalizing the menu to printing and distribution of wedding cards, there are thousands of hurdles in the path of someone who takes up the challenge of wedding planning. Just selection of a marriage dress and getting it stitched is one job that is easier said than done. The same applies to every job that is a part of a wedding ceremony. But saving time and effort is not the only advantage that accrues to a person when he appoints a marriage planner.


Being in the profession of wedding planning and executing events, a wedding planner in Singapore can help their clients actually save on money while holding the event meticulously. This is because of their connections in all trades associated with marriages as they can get the work done in reduced rates. A professional wedding planner would start early to be able to pull off all mini ceremonies as well as the grand event of reception.

They know that selection of cards and getting them printed is only the first step in wedding planning but this task alone is enough to give one an impression why a wedding planner is able to conduct every event so successfully. These professionals know that sending invitations early gives invitees time to confirm their presence at the ceremony and arrange tickets to come to the place of the bride and the groom. Because of the importance of hiring a wedding planner in Singapore and it makes sense to hand over your responsibility and the worries to a professional to be able to enjoy the function in a relaxed manner.

A Guide to Handling Your New Born

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Handling a new born baby is not easy particularly if it is your first. They are so fragile that we are afraid to hold them. This fear is understandable but if we cannot do something about it, we will not enjoy our baby. Here’s a guide to handling our baby correctly:

Ask for some ideas from friends and family

Soliciting ideas and some thoughts is best. There are no general rules but we can get valuable insights from friends and other family who had their own experiences. While in the hospital, we can also ask nurses to show us how to hold and change our baby’s diapers.

If we want, we can also hire a wet or baby nurse to help us until we are settled. We can ask the doctor to teach us what to do when we feel our baby is uncomfortable especially if they are sick.

Always clean the room and wash hands when handling the baby

We know for a fact that babies are quite susceptible to bacteria and other infection so it is important to clean and sanitize their environment. They have a weak immune system so let us make them comfortable and safe as much as possible.

When we carry our baby, we should make sure our hands are clean.

Be mindful to hold the baby’s neck and head all the time

Whether we lift, carry or lie down the baby, it is crucial that we support their neck and head. The bones of our new born babies are specifically frail so one false move will cause them serious harm. Never shake the baby.

When the baby is crying, let us not panic and find out the cause.

Keep the baby clean and full

It is not recommended to bathe a new born baby but we can gradually introduce them to water. We can start by wiping their body with a clean and soft cloth. After a few weeks, we can bathe them.

Whether we prefer breastfed or bottle fed, we should feed them every now and then.

How to Win Over Grief

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It is normal to grieve for someone or something we have lost. There are many sources of grief – breakup, divorce, losing a job, miscarriage, losing a pet, selling the house, death of a loved one, and many others. Grief is a natural response and each of us deal with it differently. However, it is best if we deal with it in a healthy way. Understandably, it is difficult for some to get up and move on, but when faced with grief we should always try to remind ourselves that life goes on.

When we experience grief, we experience different emotions that confuse us. We should know that there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. During the stages, we may feel disbelief, guilt, sadness and fear. We can also see physical manifestations like weight loss or gain, nausea, fatigue and weakness. It is indeed difficult, but at some point we all need to rise up and deal with it.

Find support groups. We should know that there are many people who care about what we feel. We just have to take a look and draw comfort from them. We have our family, friends and God to lean on. If it is not enough, we can join support groups with therapists and grief counsellor.

Face your feelings and express it. Suppressing the grief is a bad idea. We should learn to express our feelings; that way, we acknowledge the pain and get one step closer to letting go and moving on.

Pay attention to your health. Think of it this way: our loved ones will not be happy to see us so sad and unhealthy. We should look after ourselves because that’s what our loved ones want for us.

When all else fail, seek professional help. We should not let grief imprison us. If we need professional help, let us be humble enough to ask for their support.

A BBQ Kitchen On The Go

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Some of the booming businesses in Singapore include bbq wholesale and bbq catering mainly because people there love to eat. People keep coming back to the country’s food centres to have inexpensive, delicious food. An example of bbq food that is popular in their culture is satay.

In bbq wholesale or bbq catering services, there are times when you will need to set up a temporary kitchen where you can do necessary food preparations. There are a lot of ways in which you can be creative when it comes to setting up a temporary on-site barbecue kitchen.

Hawker centres in Singapore are known for their food stalls and food carts that offer a wide selection of palatable foods. If you are planning to venture into bbq wholesale business, you can customize a food bbq kitchen cart on your own. It’s definitely convenient and portable. If you have a food cart, you can sell pre-packaged bbq food so that you no longer have to do the grilling and cooking on the site. If you want, you can also have a food cart that is custom-built with refrigeration space and cooking equipment. In this way, you can be more flexible as you can prepare, cook, and serve food—all in one place. This type of outdoor kitchen is perfect for hawker centres, malls, parks, and outdoor markets. Everything you need can be contained in one location.

Perhaps this is the second most common type of temporary outdoor kitchen setup on the go which most Singapore-based caterers do. With a tent and a few cooking equipment, you can already have a BBQ in singapore setup that is perfect for festivals, markets, or large-scale outdoor events including weddings and parties. Furthermore, you should also have a refrigerated van or at least a refrigerator to maintain the quality of bbq food, as well as portable propane stoves and outdoor grills.

Refrigerated Van
To have a mobile kitchen which you can have on the go anytime, you can buy a refrigerated van in Singapore and furnish it with kitchen equipment. However, having a refrigerated van can be expensive especially if you’re still new to bbq catering. You can use the van for refrigeration and food preparation purposes alone, and equip it with a ramp so pulling out cooking equipment can be made easier and faster.

Trailer Kitchen
For frequent outdoor Singapore event bbq wholesale and bbq catering, it is best that you invest in a trailer kitchen. A fully equipped trailer kitchen consists of refrigeration storage, cooking equipment, and a work space. Usually, mobile trailers also have windows and awnings.

Condo Painting Tips

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Does your house need painting services? Is your place old enough that its walls has lost their colours? Perhaps it’s high time for a home renovation!

You can either hire condo painting services like 5 star painting to beautify your place or do the painting work yourself. But before rolling up your sleeves to start working, here’s a tip: you need to know first a few important things about house painting that will help you get started.

5 Simple Rules in House Painting
1. To avoid getting stubborn stains on your hands, make sure you use latex gloves. However, if you are allergic with latex gloves, you can thickly apply lotion onto your hands. Doing so will make cleaning easier afterwards.
2. Condo Painting services in Singapore such as 5 Star Painting Services don’t use cheap paintbrushes and roller covers. Cheap paint supplies will only leave fuzz and streaky marks as you paint the walls. A good tip is aways buy better tools as they will be worth your money.
3. Before you start painting, you can slosh your paintbrush in the same kind of solvent you will be using afterwards to clean the paintbrush. For example, water for latex paint. Doing so will make it easier for you to clean the brush once you are done.

4. You need to test if the current painted condo surface can absorb new paint. For this task, you will need to stick a duct tape to the surface and then rip it away. If you notice that paint flakes have come off with the tape, you may have to scrape then sand the surface first in order to remove the existing paint. In this way, the new paint will adhere more to the wall.
5. Be sure to paint in this order: start with the ceiling, then to the walls, cabinets, and lastly, to doors.

Painting Services in Singapore
Professional painting services can be expensive. However, if you don’t feel like painting your place with your own hands, you might consider hiring an experienced painter for example, 5 star painting services to do the condo house painting job for you. With professional painting services, you can be sure that they use paints that are of the best quality. Not only that, they are also equipped with the right painting tools. Moreover, they are excellent in estimating the right amount of paint to use. If you do it yourself, chances are you will be buying paint that is more than enough.