Why You Should Travel Alone Before Getting Married?

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There are so many benefits with travelling alone, such as getting to know yourself more and learning to be independent. It’s highly recommended and unarguably beneficial for women to go through this liberating experience at least once in your life. If you haven’t done this yet, try it now before doing something life-changing, like getting married to someone. Below are some of the reasons why embarking on a solo adventure is necessary for your singlehood and beneficial for strengthening your decision of getting married.


1.       Look Back on Your Personal Journey

Travelling alone and not having someone to disturb your thoughts allows you to reflect on all of the decisions you had in your life. You can look back on your journey, such as your career, family and friends and lifestyle choices, and plan for the things you want to have in the future. Also, having a time alone gives you the chance to ponder of how much you have grown as a person and to feel if you are really ready for this lifetime commitment.

2.       Re-evaluate Your Relationship

Other than looking back on your personal experience, you also get to re-evaluate your relationship with your fiance. Travelling alone gives you enough distance from your significant other, so you can objectively contemplate at your decision of getting married. Stepping back a bit doesn’t mean you’re having second thoughts of marrying the most amazing person in your life. This is just something what mature people do to know whether now is the right time to commit to an eternal relationship with a partner.


3.       It’s Your Last Chance to be All by Yourself

Of course, you can still go on solo trips after marriage. However, doing such thing for yourself may get a little complicated as you will have to consider a few things, such as your kids. Marriage means you will have a partner for each day of your life, and you will have to decide together when the need arises. So, enjoy the last moments of your singlehood before you let it go.

4.       Make a Memorable Farewell to Your Single Life

Sure, you can have a blast with a fun bachelorette party or an all-girls’ night out, but is that really fulfilling? Bid goodbye to your single life with a different thrill. Do something that you haven’t done yet or something that fulfils your desire, such as bungee jumping, sky diving or backpacking adventures. Experience different cultures, make friends with strangers and learn new things that you know will make you a better version of yourself. Do not settle for a late-night party when you can have a fun and fulfilling experience.

Before you put on that dress and head to your beautiful wedding, stuff your backpack first and head out to somewhere your adventurous heart desires.


Understanding Cleaners Insurance in Singapore

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Do you need professional cleaners Singapore end of Tenancy? If yes, then you are on the right page! This article will tell you how you can find the best group of cleaners in London and what you need to know about them. Be sure to read the entire article if you really want to protect your property and belongings.


Why Professional Cleaners Are Needed?

You might think that it is quite odd to hire a professional cleaner. Well, if it is odd for you, then that just means that you can accomplish all the house chores by your own. Unfortunately, not all people are like you. There are some people who are too busy to mind their house chores and there are some people who just do not like the idea of cleaning their home by their own.

Now, just because these people are too busy or are just not fond of cleaning does not mean that they like their home dirty. No, that is not the case! As a matter of fact, there are a lot of these people who are much more meticulous when it comes to cleanliness. No wonder why they often hire professional cleaners Singapore end of tenancy.

What You Should Know?

Before you hire a person or a company to clean your home, there are some things that you must look for. These are the factors that you can never take lightly if you want to pick and hire the most reliable and most effective cleaner in London. These are the factors that you should look for:


Cleaners Insurance

You should know whether they have cleaners’ insurance Singapore plan. This will help you guarantee that your property and all your belongings are protected while these cleaners are doing their job. If one of your belongings get damaged or broken, then the insurance company can pay you back for its worth. By hiring someone who does not have this kind of insurance, you might expose yourself from not being paid for any damage in your properties.

Another great thing about this insurance is that it also protects the cleaners. When they get into accident, they can guarantee themselves that they can get the right treatment without having the need to pay for their medical bills as the insurance company will shoulder all the medical expenses. Amazing, isn’t it?


The Benefits of Hiring Professional Dating Services

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Many people are aware of what professional dating agencies are. There are also some who only know a few about it. Nonetheless, whether you are already familiar with this kind of agency or not, you will immediately get an idea once you heard it. It is because the service offered by this agency is very apparent in its name. It offers to get a date for its client in order to find his or her lifetime partner.


The Dating Agency

Are you one of those people who are feeling so alone and lonely? Are you among those people who are looking for a partner in life? If you are, then you might need the help of a dating agency. It is an agency that takes good care of the dating activities of its client.

No, they do not find a girlfriend or boyfriend for you. What they do is that they look for people who have passed the qualifications you indicated. Then, they will schedule you on a date with these people. It will be up to you if you like the person they have matched for you or not. If not, then they will look for another one until you find someone worthy to spend your whole life with.

Most often than not, clients of dating agencies are very satisfied with the result of the matchmaking service. It is because they were able to find not just a lifetime partner, but the best lifetime partner for them. Well, we should not be surprised. Considering the very keen process of selecting individuals, it is already given that there is a higher chance that the client will definitely find his or her match in this activity.


Why Hire A Dating Agency?

While there are a lot of people who trust and patronise professional dating services, there are also some people who doubt the effectiveness of this kind of service. These people usually cannot see the point of hiring a dating agency. This is why we have a prepared a list of reasons on why we should hire this dating service:

Take the Pressure Away

There are a lot of single professionals who are much pressured in finding the love of their life. By hiring a professional dating agency, they will no longer feel the pressure. They can focus on their career or personal growth. Why? It is because they do not have to think about their love life. The agency will be the one to take care of it. They will be busy themselves in finding the perfect pair for you.


Online Classes worth Taking to Boost Your Career

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Regardless of where you’re at in your career, learning new things will surely help you. But like most things, learning a new and unique skill is easier said than done – unless all the resources are given to you. Today, we’re doing just that. To ensure that you no longer spend hours searching for what to learn and where to learn it, we listed down six online classes from some of the amazing resources across the web.


1.       For Social Media Marketing – Social Media Superhero (The Nectar Collective)

  • Cost: $37 (S$50.25)

Whether you’re aiming to take your own business to the next level on social media, or you’re managing the social networking pages of your employer, this course is the right choice for you. Big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Periscope will be covered in this course, and you’ll be taught some impactful strategies on how you can use each outlet. In this course, you’re sure to walk away with useful information other than a detailed description of how you can login to your Twitter page.

2.       For Programming – Introduction to Web Development: HTML (Udemy)

  • Cost: $9 (S$12.22)

Programming is one of the skills most of us wished to have bothered learning earlier on. Luckily, it’s never too late to get started. This course provided by Udemy is designed for beginners, so you don’t have to worry about feeling lost as soon as you start learning. Although you won’t immediately learn how to design flawless websites, these lessons will surely arm you with the basics that you’ll need to take the more advanced steps in programming.

3.       For Project Management – Project Management: The Basics for Success (Coursera)

  • Cost: Free

Whether you’re running your own business or working full-time, knowing how to effectively manage projects is crucial. This course will help you develop the skills to efficiently handle the moving parts involved in a project, as well as how to successfully manage and lead a team. Just ensure that you choose the “Audit Only” option to access course materials for free.


4.       For Photography Basics – The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners (CreativeLive)

  • Cost: $39 (S$52.97)

Although it seems impossible to learn something as creative as photography online, CreativeLive offers a course that allows you to do just that. In this beginner’s course, you’ll be taught how to get familiar with your camera, while learning all the basics of photography (including composition and lighting). It’s a perfect starting point for aspiring photographers before moving on to the more advance courses offered in the site.

5.       For Communication Improvement – Introduction to Public Speak (edX)

  • Cost: Free

Even the best of us get shaky-kneed and sweaty-palmed at the thought of speaking in front an audience. Fortunately, this course will teach you how to develop, and present clear and informative presentations and arguments. The best part? The course also offers an interactive practice for the students!

6.       For Writing Skills Development – Secret Sauce of Great Writing (Udemy)

  • Cost: Free

Writing isn’t as easy as what some people think it to be. In fact, we’re willing to bet that you’ve had moments where you just sit in front of your computer, and stare at the blinking cursor for half an hour. Throughout this course, you’ll learn all the essentials to a clear and solid writing including simplicity, clarity, and elegance.

Whether you’re working full-time or running your own business, learning new expertise and additional skills are never bad things. So, go ahead and give one or two of the aforementioned courses a try.


How to Choose a Work-Appropriate Perfume

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Perfume has the magical ability to refresh the senses and transport the spirit. Getting the right perfume offers comfort during stressful times, and makes you feel like the best version of yourself. In fact, keeping a mini-bottle at hand is like having an emergency aromatherapy on stand-by. However, not all perfume formulas are suited for the workplace. Here, we’ve listed down five important tips on how to choose and apply work-appropriate perfumes.


1.       Ditch Solid Perfume and Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils, such as those sold at perfume shops and health food stores, have the potential to smell beautiful and complex. However, these perfumes might require persistent reapplication – and who has the time for that? Fragrance oils also present the same problem as wax-based perfumes – careless application of oily and waxy formulas might leave stains on your work ensemble.

2.       Opt for Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, or Eau de Parfum

With concentrations of five percent, 10 percent, and 15-20 percent, these formulations are less concentrated than the actual perfume. EDP is the favourite among perfume aficionados because of its affordable price, and how its fragrance lasts throughout the day. EDC and ETC, on the other hand, are lighter and requires occasional reapplication, but are the perfect choice if you’re only thinking of applying a sheer layer of fragrance.

3.       Reserve Your Sexy Scents for Date Nights

Save your Opium and Shalimar scents for your date nights, since musk-laden and heady scents isn’t suited for the workplace. Instead, opt for perfumes with unobtrusive scents like apple, cinnamon, citrus, cucumber, green tea, mint, white florals, and wood. Try My Daughter Fragrances’ Joyful Eau de Parfum for a crisp blend of jasmine, creamy sandalwood, lime blossom, orange flower, and rose.


4.       Choose a Scent That Helps You Focus

Since scent preferences differ among individuals, the type of perfume that’ll keep you energized will depend on your taste. Still, there are certain fragrances that offer specific benefits to some people.

Some perfume notes may help improve your work performance. Fragrances like jasmine and floral can increase your reaction time, peppermint may serve as natural memory booster, and eucalyptus might help in waking you up and feeling empathy towards others. Perfume notes of cucumber and green apple can even make a cramped space seem larger. So ensure that you choose fragrances that also suits your focus and relaxation needs.

5.       Be Mindful of How You Spray

If you get used to your perfume over time, there’s a chance you’ll develop the habit of over spraying. You’d want to avoid that at all costs, especially at your workplace since strong fragrances can invade the personal space of others. A touch at the base of the throat, or behind the ears is already enough to retain your perfume’s scent, and keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

Although perfumes are refreshing to senses, not all formulations can be worn at the workplace. So keep the aforementioned tips in mind to help you in choosing a fragrance that’s work-appropriate.


How to Continue Breastfeeding Once You Resume Work

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You have probably lost count of the number of times you’ve heard about how breastfeeding is the best. Sure, it was a bit easy while you were enjoying your maternity leave. But what happens when you come back to work? In Singapore, eligibility and entitlement of maternity leave is dependent on employment status. It is of utmost importance to know what is applicable to you as soon as possible. This will prepare you for the breastfeeding journey long after the maternity leave is over, should you choose to continue.


In the recent years, different techniques of expressing breastmilk while the mother is at work are being explored. When you are armed with these guidelines, giving breastmilk to your child even when you are not at home is possible:

1. Prepare your breastmilk storage paraphernalia. Most moms use electric or manual breastpump to express milk.  Recently, some moms have been doing the marmet method, known as hand expression. Tutorials are readily available in the internet. Choose and try practicing what’s convenient for you. Likewise prepare your storage containers, ice pack and insulator bag. Read up on proper storing and transporting of milk.

2. Express around the clock. Set and follow your schedule of expressing milk to maintain your supply. Manage your time especially in the office so that you can express milk during break time. Squeezing in sessions at home while your baby is asleep will also make room for more stash. Be sure to label the containers with time and date of expression. Remember the “first in-first out” rule.


3. Teach the babysitter about proper handling of expressed breastmilk. Your breastmilk is liquid gold. Nothing, not even a single drop, must be put to waste. Orient your caregiver or whoever will take care of your little one while you’re at work, on the swirling of breastmilk, on how to thaw it and on giving just enough milk for one feeding; otherwise, the leftover milk which you painstakingly expressed will be spoiled.

4. Spend time with your baby as much as possible. If you are determined to continue giving breastmilk to your baby while you are working, this should come easy. Nurse your child whenever you are together. Reserve your stash only for those days that you will be at work so you will have enough left. Avoid unnecessary trips away from home when you haven’t built your stash yet.  Maximize time with your child. After all, they are just babies for a short time. Before you knew it, they will be toddler already, exploring the world on their own.

The moment you decide to continue giving breastmilk to your child even if you are at work clearly shows how willing and determined you are. Rest assured that your sacrifices will be rewarded by your little one as he continues to grow healthy, filling your heart with the joys of motherhood!


How to Keep Yourself Sun-Protected

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As Singapore experiences tropical climate, mostly being hot and humid throughout the year, it is important to keep yourself protected from the sun. Recent study shows that Ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun can cause eye damage and skin cancer. The 15-minute walk from the train to your apartment without any protection is harmful in the long run. Before it’s too late, take note of these tips on how to be sun-protected while doing your daily activities:


1. Apply sunscreen. This applies to your body and to your face as these easily get exposed to the sun. Most body lotion and facial creams are now incorporated with sun protection factors (SPF). All sorts of lip creams also have SPF. Check the label and use what suits you. Nowadays, you can lather on your favorite scented-lotion and still get the needed sunblock. Make sure your beauty regimen prevents you from getting sun-burnt while giving you young-looking skin!

2. Put sunglasses on. Eyes are sensitive to the sun’s rays. Squinting your eyes when there’s sun is not enough for protection.  Always make sure you wear sunglasses. Some eyeglasses can be ordered with polarized lenses, reducing the amount of UV rays that pass through. Have fun choosing the eyeglasses that highlights your facial features. By wearing glasses, you will keep your eyes healthy and fabulous at the same time!


3. Avoid going out during the hottest time of the day. The sun’s rays are at the peak during mid-day. Do not go out in the open if it’s possible. Schedule your walks and trips when the sun is not too high anymore.  This will save you unnecessary sun exposure and excessive sweating. Maximize errands during your most comfortable time.

4. Always bring an umbrella, hat or scarf. Accessorizing is a creative way to deflect UV rays. Bring umbrella wherever you go. This will protect you both from the sun and from the rain too. Hats and scarfs are also accessories which can prove useful in keeping you sun-protected.  Collect scarfs and hats with different prints so you can mix and match these with your clothes. Include these in your outfit for the day. After all, being fashionable while keeping healthy is the new trend!

Like any other, too much of sun’s exposure is bad for the health. Only a 30-minute sun exposure for Vitamin D is recommended during early morning. Beyond that, it is equally important to include the sun-protection tips in your daily routine. Be conscious of ways to shield your body from the harmful rays of the sun for a healthier you!


Tips to Losing Weight Without Disrupting Your Regular Schedule

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Being busy is an understatement. Nowadays, you barely have time to meet friends, to have your nails done or to go to the gym. You are often caught in the hustle and bustle of life from the moment your alarm clock sets off down to the time you doze off to dreamland. You pay almost no attention to your weight until one morning you cannot completely button your blouse anymore or that you feel like your pants have shrunk one size smaller.

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The digit on the weighing scale has confirmed your suspicion. You have indeed gained weight for the past month! You feel alarmed and disheartened because no matter how you would have loved to spend some training hours in the gym, your schedule won’t allow it. Worry no more because there are various tips on how to lose weight without really disrupting your routine:

1.       Maximize physical activities in your routine

If your workplace is a walking distance from your apartment but you still ride the cab every morning, try ditching the cab! It is called a walking distance for a reason. Think of the advantages of this newly-incorporated routine. It will help you save on fare and will definitely help you in getting that slim figure back. Chores at home are also good activities of exercise.

Mopping the apartment floor or cleaning the bathroom will make you lose unnecessary fat and will give you a cleaner apartment at that! At work, try to use the stairs in getting to do the not-so high floors. Or you could take the elevator two floors short than your destination. Not only will this exercise your legs but it will increase your stamina to face the day as well!

2.       Have healthy bite-size snacks in between meals

Yes you read it right. Having frequent light meals around the clock will consistently fill your tummy up. This will make you less hungry during the important meals of the day, causing you to eat less than your regular intake. Studies show that this is a more effective way of getting fewer calories. And on top of that, you will not have that uneasy feeling of food deprivation. These healthy bite-size snacks are actually available in the local grocery stores. Don’t forget to put these in your cart the next time you do your grocery!

3.       Hydrate yourself

A daily intake of eight glasses of water is recommended to everyone. Sadly, not all are consciously following this health advice. Track the amount of water you are taking in every day. When you drink at least eight glasses of water, the toxins in the body will be easily flushed, giving way to a healthier you.  Also, drink water first before taking your meals. This works wonders as this will again lessen the amount of food you regularly eat.


4.       Choose the relatively healthier option

In ordering food and drinks, one is often presented with various options. Always, always choose the relatively healthier one. Losing weight must not be too sacrificial to the point of dread wherein you do not enjoy eating anymore. There is no harm in indulging yourself in your favorites.

You can still dine-in anywhere you want. Do you like pizza in general? Choose the pizza with healthier toppings. Do you often order soda? Why not try the equally refreshing lemon juice? You do not need to be a slave to dieting when you have healthier options. Food is always meant to be celebrated!

5.       Tuck yourself in early

Being stressed out is usually the culprit for binge eating. Some people use this as justification to cheat days which stretch from weeks to months.  Sufficient hours of sleep are needed to revitalize the mind and the body.

Examine your night routine. What keeps you up until the wee hours of the morning? Are you losing sleep with the excitement of playing games from your phone? Or like most people, do you browse and refresh your social media page over and over again for updates? Do away with these activities that hinder you from getting enough sleep. Put your phone out of your reach, if necessary. Devise ways and strategies which will give you the good night’s rest you well deserve.

Being out of shape often happens when you lose sight of the importance of caring for the health. Do your best to take care of your body. Keeping yourself healthy is the best reward to your body after a job well done every day!


How Finding a New Job Can Improve Your Professional Life

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Many people believe that job longevity is a thing of the past while others say that staying in your current occupation spells better security. Many of us avoid change because it is safer to stay within the confines of our comfort zones, but initiating little changes, particularly with regards to our profession can open lots of opportunities and incredible breakthroughs in our lives.


This may sound like a bold choice but when it affects your happiness, it is something that you have to consider because after all, change is inevitable and making the first move will make it easier for you to go with the tides.

We all have our own reasons why we may be unhappy about our jobs – it may have something to do with a lack of passion, the nature of our work, our colleagues or even the responsibility itself. According to JobsDB.com, 49 in 100 candidates in Singapore became happier when they changed jobs while a different study found that at least 65% of Americans are not satisfied with their existing occupations.

These reports have come to show the larger percentage of people who have grown to be uninterested, unfulfilled and uninspired with what they are doing. If truth be told, it is pretty obvious that starting our quest to find that life-long job, little by little, is the key to our career life happiness. So, fret no more and take a look at these reasons why it is rightful to make that move, now!

1.       Doing different jobs will let you figure out what you are truly passionate about!

There is nothing more professionally painful than staying in one job your whole life without knowing what you are really good at and passionate about. You don’t want to sit on your couch at a retiring age one day, looking back and regretting the things you could’ve done and tried out while you still had the energy and chance to do so.

Without doing something, you will never realize what you actually WANT out of life, when you give yourself a chance; you will bring more to your role, the company and most especially to yourself. After all, when you never venture, you will never gain at all.

2.       Sometimes, breaking your routine is exactly what you need

Routines are nice but boring. It is monotonous that it can make us feel demotivated, stagnant and unchallenged. When you look for a new career, you break the routine and step into something refreshing that ignites a renewed drive to achieve and excel. You also discover your other potential and hidden strengths that were kept unnoticed because you chose to stay in your comfort zone for quite some time.

3.       New network can lead to new opportunities

When you change jobs, you meet new people, widen your horizon and expand your network. This opportunity can pave the way to new discoveries that will help your professional growth and soft skills. Sometimes, we can’t help but use the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” now a days.

Portrait of a beautiful young businesswoman daydreaming.

4.       Changing jobs can develop your confidence muscles

When you get the strength and heart to make a career change, you develop a sense of flexibility, adaptability and confidence. You gain a better perspective and understanding of changes and diversity while keeping up with the professional competition in the labor market. In a nutshell, you become more knowledgeable and this will materialize into a growing confidence that will make you more qualified to play the next challenging role.

5.       You learn one of life’s most valuable lessons

Ignoring the fear of losing reasonable security due to financial gains allows you to decipher what really matters to you. You begin to understand that being financially stable does not always mean happiness. You shift your paradigm where you can say that monetary benefits chase you when you do what fulfills your heart’s deepest desires.

When you find yourself trapped in this situation, of course it requires careful thought and consideration especially when your decision will affect others. The reasons you find above do not suggest that you keep on quitting jobs but it will serve as your guide on the possibilities that will open if you try to look on the other side of your fears and unhappiness.


A New Look at Eating Healthier

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Many of us have a love-hate relationship with food. Or put more precisely, we love to eat, but hate the weight we gain from it. Author and food journalist Bee Wilson offer some insights on how we can improve our diet and take more pleasure from eating.


Realize that eating is a psychological activity as much as it is gustatory. According to Ms. Wilson, our problem with food starts at childhood, with most of us grow up thinking that healthy food – particularly vegetables – don’t taste good and are no fun to eat. For us to have a healthier diet, we have to make a shift in our minds and cultivate genuine liking for food that are good for us.

We all too often fall (and fall in line) for unhealthy food. Today’s modern society makes it all too easy to eat food that are bad for us. Just consider that in most first world countries, there’s an open fast food restaurant just a block or two away from anyone at any time. In the United States, where fast food is most copious, about two-thirds of the population are obese or overweight.

Eating well is an uphill battle as most states don’t support healthy eating. Compared to dining at a McDonald’s, it’s much harder – and costlier – to shop for healthy food items and cook them at home. And if we want to have healthy food served to us conveniently, then our only option is to go to expensive restaurants, which is simply unfeasible for most people. It’s simply so much easier to give in to an unhealthy diet.


We unintentionally pass on our dislike of healthy food to our children. If you’re like most people, your introduction to, say, broccoli was probably unpleasant. At the dinner table, your well-meaning parents probably indicated through subtle actions that, yes, broccoli tastes terrible, but that you simply must eat some. We need to stop this cycle and introduce healthy food to our kids as something that is actually enjoyable.

We can always change our food preference to something healthier. A great thing about people is that we always have the capacity to change. Of course, we couldn’t change dramatically overnight, but gradually, if we’re vigilant about the food that we eat, we can develop a preference for vegetables over processed foods or even reduce our liking for food that used to be our favorites but are too unhealthy for us.