5 Solutions for Oily-Skin Gentlemen

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The hot and humid weather here in Singapore gets our skin producing more oil, making oily skin a common beauty woe not only for women but for men as well. If you are one of those gentlemen with hyperactive sebaceous glands, here we’ve gathered simple remedies to help you control the excessive shine on your face.

1. Exfoliate Regularly
Oily face can benefit a lot from regular exfoliation—the process of removing dead skin cells to expose new layer of skin. Exfoliate by using a gentle face scrubber, such as a face towel, to remove oil, dirt and other debris that clogs the pores. But only do so twice a week; over-exfoliating will only encourage your skin to produce more oil.

2. Apply Egg White
Vitamin A is essential for tightening the pores and controlling production of oil, and you can get a lot of it from egg whites. For your skin’s regular dose of vitamin A, apply egg white on your face and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Religiously do this thrice a week, and you’ll notice a difference.

3. Sweat It Out
When you exercise, your sweat glands activate. Sweating helps flush out excessive oil and dirt from your skin, giving you a fresher and more radiant look afterwards. If you can, squeeze in at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily schedule. Not only will it help improve your skin, it’ll bulk you up, too!

4. Rub Ice Cubes On the Face
Before going to bed, rub ice cubes gently on your face. It does wonders in tightening your pores and reducing the amount of oil your face produces. Treat it as training for your skin to produce lesser oil.

5. Avoid Body Soaps When Washing the Face
Body soaps are just way too harsh for the face. It can make your skin dry and flaky, which isn’t good when fighting oiliness. While this may sound counter-intuitive, drying the skin too much is signalling the body to produce more oil to compensate what’s lost. Instead of body soap, use facial wash that’s specially formulated for oily skin.

Oily skin isn’t really a bad thing. In fact, it’s better than having dry skin, as the face’s natural oil helps delay signs of aging like wrinkles. However, anything in excess is not good. Control your skin’s oiliness the right way with these tips.

Why 30-ish Women Are the Most Attractive?

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There are so many things that make women in 30s more attractive than females in their 20s. Although the latter exudes youthfulness in the physical aspect, the former emanates emotional stability and intellectual charm, which men find most attractive. And although each person’s experiences differ, here are the five reasons why we think women in 30s are the most attractive in the female kingdom.

1. You have fully embraced who you are.
Goodbye to the terrible and insecure 20s. Women in 30s are at the peak of their confidence and self-love. In your 30s, you feel more comfortable with your own skin, simply because you have ha 30 years of being yourself. You have learned to do more of the activities that make you confident and happy, and you know how to cultivate acceptance and self-love all by yourself.

2. You are more comfortable with saying “no.”
By this time of your life, you already know your priorities and—therefore—when to say no on some invitations. For example, staying in shape is a priority, which means saying no to activities that interfere with your after-work gym time. You’re not being a killjoy, you just know your priorities and what’s suitable for you.

3. You aim for classic instead of trendy styles.
During your younger years, you like to be always on trend. You want to try the newest hair colour and wear the trendiest clothes regardless how it looks on you. However, in your 30s, you’ve learned your lessons well form your past beauty and fashion mistakes and you already know what’s flattering—and what’s not—on you. You are more inclined to finding pieces that ‘fit’ instead of things that are on trend.

4. You‘ve practiced expressing yourself clearly.
Knowing what you want is one thing, but being able to clearly express what you want is another. This may be an ongoing process, but by the time you reach your prime, verbalizing what you want gets easier. Just open your mouth and express your thoughts. It really isn’t that hard like you think it is.

5. You have more self-control.
During your 20s, especially during the quarter life crisis, when a problem arises and everything in your life do not seem to work out well, you stress out, start complaining and breakdown. During your 30s? You’ve been there and done that. You know very well that every problem is passing and that it’s not worth stressing over, so you coolly accept it and deal with it like a pro.

As they say, women are like wine: they get more sophisticated with time. You have your everyday life figured out, and you have mastered the process of looking and feeling great inside out.

Healthy Food Alternatives That Could Change Your Life

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As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. One simple but smart food swap can lead the way to a much healthier and happier life. However, lots of people are still skeptical when it comes to healthy alternatives, thinking that it means sacrificing the flavor of their favorite foods in exchange for additional nutrients and such. That’s not always the case: with the right substitutions, this can be easily proven wrong.

1. Vanilla extract instead of Sugar

Limiting your usual sugar intake to a half and replacing the other with a teaspoon of vanilla gives just as much sweet flavor. Although this substitute still requires an amount of sugar, it would be significantly less compared to the usual. This healthy alternative could be handy the next time you do some baking.

2. Whole fruit instead of fruit juice pouches

Orange juice drinks contain little amount of the pulp or skin from the actual orange and almost has no fiber content left. Instead of drinking fruit juice pouches, eat whole fruits in order to enjoy the full nutritional benefits it offers. Fruits are sweet and healthy to snack on, plus you can also save some calories compared to eating the usual snack food.

3. Natural peanut butter instead of reduced-fat peanut butter

As appealing as “reduced-fat” peanut butter jars are labeled as, they actually contain more sugar and additional additives than the classic ones. Natural peanut butter, especially of the unsalted variant, provides the comforting flavor most of us are familiar of without the extra artificial ingredients. Try buying one from your local farmer’s market and see for yourself.

4. Lettuce leaves instead of tortilla wraps

Substituting carbs for fresh lettuce is a fun alternative that can easily lighten up any wrap or taco dish. Using lettuce leaves gives more nutritional value to the meal in general. The whole munching experience takes on a different level too, as it provides a juicy little crunch your typical tortilla wrap does not offer.

5. Salsa instead of cream-based dips

For your next party, replace your traditional cream-based spreads with salsa — which is a much fierier and more flavorful alternative to cheese dips. Let your chips relish in the rich tomato-based sauce and get additional nutrients only for fewer calories. Total yum and win!

6. Black coffee instead of latte

If caffeine boost is what you need, have a simple black coffee. Not only will it satisfy your caffeine fix but it also cuts down on your sugar intake. Latte and frappuccinos contain a significant amount of creamers and sugar and for mere caffeine, they aren’t worth the calories or the cash.

5 Tips in Extending the Shelf Life of Your Cosmetic Products

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Cosmetic products have determined shelf life before they expire. As much as we love our trusty concealers and liquid eyeliners, there will come a point for us to throw them away. Common make-up can last for as short as 3 months to 2 years but with some of these tips you may lessen the contamination in your trusty cosmetic products as well as extend its usage.

1. Observe proper hygiene

From touching doorknobs to typing on our work keyboard, we touch so many objects on a daily basis. Slathering our hands with hand sanitizers may keep us clean but there are some instances when we do not have ample time to do it or even forget to do so. With that said, scooping ample amount of your make-up with a disposable applicator is ideal than having your fingers directly touch the product. Doing so may not only prevent possible contamination but also extend the shelf life of the item.

2. Don’t share your make-up

No matter how much a friend pushes you to let her try your newest make-up, learn to say no. It is not advisable to share one’s own cosmetic products with others. Not only do you put your friend in subject of contamination from your own products but you also put yourself in risk of getting contaminated yourself.

3. Keep containers sealed

Cosmetic containers must always be tightly closed when they are not in use. Doing so would prevent any chance at contamination from airborne bacteria, as well as prevent any possible mixture with foreign elements like dirt, dust, and the like.

4. Learn when to throw products away

If the color of the product changes and starts to have a distinct foul odor that should not be, discard it immediately. Chances are it is already bacteria infested and is dangerous to apply on one’s skin.

Most make-up contain preservatives which can break down over a period of time and without it, products may lose their original consistency or texture. Saving your products by mixing them with water or with your own saliva could only introduce bacteria that may grow out of hand.

5. Clean your brushes often

If you frequently use your brushes, chances are oil and bacteria may be accumulated in the bristles over time. In order to get rid of this and prevent any possible infection, it is advised to wash brushes at least once a month if they are natural-bristled. If you use synthetic brushes, you may need to give them a wash three to four times a month. Brush cleaner solutions are available in some stores but you can use mild soap for your convenience. Baby shampoo is also another alternative in getting your brushes clean.

Being vigilant in taking care of your cosmetic products may just increase the life span of that perfect lipstick you got last Christmas, and at the same time keep yourself protected from any potential harm or contamination.

Why You Shouldn’t Discount Your Dating Standards

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A standard is a level of quality, a measurement of something, a model or norm backed up with principles. It’s important in every aspect of our lives because its high expectations tell us the amount of work we need to put in to achieve something good, it is where the value comes in. Same is true in the dating arena. One’s personal standard in finding a mate is a reflection of their self-worth, perception and let’s say, protective measures. When someone is consciously aware of his/her standards, no one can hurt them and make their life miserable.

Some people get advices to reshape their expectations, it may be helpful in cases where one’s hope is beyond reality and perfection. But altering your standards just because you’re getting many bad apples doesn’t make sense, here’s why:

It makes you unattractive

Ever thought of the people you admire? What were the qualities you admire most about them? Isn’t it their level of dedication and passion to their craft that made them famous? That they chose not to settle for anything less—because if they did, they would be just like everybody else…they would’ve not stood out from the pack. That thing right there is why you respect them.

In the same context, when the person you’re dating is under the impression that you chose to drop your standards just for them, it makes you less attractive. No, it’s not a touching act of love. It basically tells them that you don’t respect yourself and you’re shaky to uphold them. For example, if a guy is stringing you along—texting you only when he is bored and sends you a reply after 3 days and you still put up with it like nothing’s wrong, then you’re sending the message that you can be treated that way.

It won’t make you happy

There is no genuine happiness knowing you get less of what you truly deserve. It’s horrible to keep giving out big investments to someone and you are only getting a very low effort in return. At first, it may seem bearable but in the long run, it’s a recipe for huge misery and heartache.

There is no challenge

As they say, “if it’s worth it, it would not be easy.” That alone speaks truth to everything—especially in the topic of love and romance. If the other person feels it’s too easy to be with you because you’re readily available all the time and you compromise your standards, then it makes you less of a challenge. This is not like a trophy that needs to be won in a game, but merely a representation for you to see the people who have the “willing-to-take-on-whatever it takes challenge” attitude to be with you, because you deserve it.

You miss out the right person

Wasting time and effort to someone who doesn’t put in the same work makes you lose the opportunity to find the ones who can. Life is too short to waste on things that can cause so much hurt and resentment when in fact, you have a choice.

Uncommon Spices Used in Cooking

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We live in a world where almost any type of food ingredient can be found at the nearest shop. In Singapore, it’s not a surprise that rare ingredients find their way into the local markets. Here are a few spices you need to try to level up your dishes.


These tiny red threads are used as coloring too besides seasoning for food. They are considered one of the most expensive ingredients even if they have been used for thousands of years.


This is considered rare and expensive because acquiring it is no joke. Ambergris is sperm whale vomit. It is prized also for its healing properties and fragrance as well.

Grains of Paradise

Want something similar to black pepper? Grains of Paradise are dried seeds from Africa. They are expensive because the demand for them isn’t as great as for black pepper.


Sumac are dried and ground fruits of the Rhus plant. It’s common in Middle Eastern dishes as a garnish and is made into a beverage in North America.

Fennel Pollen

Fennel seed is used for its sweet taste. It comes from a flower that is difficult to create that is why it’s almost as expensive as saffron.

Amchur Powder

Sometimes spelled amchoor or aamchur, amchur powder is made from dried and powdered unripe green mangoes. When used as a seasoning, it gives a tangy citrus flavor.


Wattleseed has been used by Australian Aborigines for thousands of years. These seeds are dried, roasted and then crushed. Its flavor will remind you of chocolate, coffee and hazelnuts.


Sometimes called ajowan, carom and bishop’s weed, ajwain are the leaves and fruit of an herb. These are fried or dried-roasted in butter called ghee before they are used in food preparation.

Truffle Salt

Truffles salt comes the Mediterranean sea. So how is it different from other sea salt? It contains ground black truffles.


Anardana comes from the pods of pomegranates. If you’re looking to buy some, make sure you’re prepared to shed bucks because they’re pricey. It is used as a seasoning because of its sour flavor.

Nigella Seeds

Nigella seeds are one of the oldest known spices in the world. Also called kalonji, its black seeds are used for their bitter and pungent aroma.


This is the powdered gum resin of the asafetida plant. It is used for its acrid and bitter flavors. You have to heat it in oil or butter to make the flavor milder.

Kala Jeera

This is called black cumin by some chefs. These are seeds from plants that belong to the parsley family. They are often confused with the kalonji and cumin spices. Black cumin should be dark brown in color and crescent-shaped.

Urfa Biber

Called isot pepper, urfa biber are dried Turkish chili pepper. They are usually maroon or red in color and they turn to purple or black when dried.