Steps in Selling your Art Online

Living as an artist isn’t as easy as we think. It is not that easy to sell each of your artworks in a single art gallery. But thanks to help of the internet, budding artists can already sell their artworks online. To help you sell effectively sell your oil painting artworks online, here are some tips that you can use:

Art palette

1. Develop a website that can feature the high quality images of your artwork. After developing the website, link it to as many other sites as you can to improve the ratings of your website’s search engine. Aside from that, try to develop pages that can show how you create your paintings or a page that tells something about yourself. This would help you in selling your art online since most art buyers would be more motivated to purchase your work if they feel like they know something about the artist.

2. Promote your work in certain Singapore internet auction sites. There would be cases when you won’t be able to get good and high prices for your work but this might turn out profitable to you if you’re only planning on selling small art pieces that doesn’t require a lot of time or any expensive materials.

3. Ask the help of the webmasters of the websites that post and feature articles that talks about both contemporary art and abstract art. Do your best to get your artwork featured in some of the websites. This can possibly help since your potential buyers will more likely read news and personal stories about oil painting than pay attention to some ads.

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4. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to spread the information about the art gallery singapore about your artworks. Joining social networking sites can help you establish online connections with anybody, plus you can also encourage them to pass on the images of your work to the people that they know. This can be helpful since people will more likely heed the suggestion of a person they know.

5. Make videos of yourself working on one of your art pieces or any work you have that has been accepted to an art gallery and post it on a website meant for artists and their paintings or on YouTube. Create videos which show the process that you go through when making your artworks and the possible meaning behind it. You can also post the links of the videos that you created in your website or in your social networking accounts.

6. Collect the payments for the sales that you made for your oil painting using online digital payment services like PayPal or simply by accepting check and some credit card payments. If you happen to take some checks, it would be better if you don’t ship your art work first until the check given to you has been cleared.

7. After receiving the payment for the art piece that you sold, whether to an art gallery or private collector, ship it carefully so that you can protect its material and fragility. If your work is made on paper, ship it between sheets of stiff cardboard or roll it in a sturdy cardboard tube but if the product that you’re going to ship is more fragile, then it should be properly packed, insured and shipped by a courier.

Online selling of artwork has already become a trend in Singapore and it has been proven to become effective especially for the budding artists. What it just takes is the right strategy to make your painting more saleable online.


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