The Singapore Road Safety Month

If there is one thing that connects all Singaporeans, it is the road. We pass the same road. You know that the road is not safe all the time but we cannot just stop travelling. It is important that we practice road safety at all times. To help ensure the safety of the road, the government launched Singapore Road Safety Month.


According to Traffic Police, there are different groups that are the most vulnerable. Children for one belong to the most vulnerable users. They are so little that motorists cannot see them. Another vulnerable group is the cyclists and the heavy vehicle drivers. This month marks the Singapore Road Safety Month. What should you expect? Here’s an idea:


  • Children’s Road Safety Programme: This programme will bring awareness to school children. The programme will be rolled out in four schools around the island. The programme will include films. The films will be given to primary and secondary schools across the island.
  • Reflective bag tags: There will be reflective bag tags which will be distributed to 10000 students. Apart from that, tips will be given so it will be visible to other motorists.
  • Educational videos: Drivers for heavy vehicles will also be included. There will be educational videos for drivers. The film is produced by Volvo Trucks, Road Safety Council and the Traffic Police.

The trick really is to focus on safe driving habits. The change begins with you. Whenever you are in the road or manoeuvring the wheel, you should think of other road users. The road is not only for you. You should always be attentive. Have a safe trip!


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