The Value of Web Giants

The web industry is a lucrative one not only here in Singapore but around the world. More and more, we hear about many ordinary people with extraordinary ideas become billionaires. If you are a web specialist and you want to be successful like other giants, you have to conceptualize your own brand or name. After that, you need to market your services to receive profits. It sounds easy but it is not actually.


According to the World Startup Report, if you want to succeed in this industry, you need to go to United States or China. World Startup Report examines the financial performance of internet companies in United States and China. Here’s a quick breakdown of the value of web giants in the two countries:

  • United States: United States boasts of three internet giants. There’s the Google which is dubbed as the largest internet company in the world. It has a value of US$410 billion. Google is followed by Amazon with a value of US$187 billion. Amazon is followed by Facebook with a value of US$183 billion.

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  • China: In China, Alibaba will be listed soon which is valued at US$200 billion. . Other companies such as Tencent (valued at US$154 billion) and Baidu (valued at US$67 billion) joined the list.

The report featured Singapore as well. You must know that there is an internet company here that reached the billion dollar mark. Garena is a gaming platform that has a current value of US$1 billion. The report was gathered by Bowei Gai, an American entrepreneur. The report seeks to give inspiration to those aspiring entrepreneurs.



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