Things to Consider When Choosing a Home

After the decline of the sales of private homes in Singapore last July, a 54.3% rise was noted in the month of August. The figure was released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Last July, there was only 481 units sold but when August came, it almost doubled into 742 units. This goes to show that many people are buying private homes.

If you are thinking about buying a house, you should be mindful of many things. Here are some things that you need to think about:


The Mortgage

It is good if you paid in cash but if you considered mortgage or loans, you should determine if you can do it. If it is a big house, chances are you will pay a big chunk of money every month. You should study the terms or the payment scheme.


If you are working, you should make sure it is near your workplace, the market or your children’s schools. If not, at least make sure you are near public transport. For example, is an MRT station or bus stop near? If it is near, the house is good.

The Facilities

Many people think of country clubs with swimming pool when facilities are mentioned. Well, aside from that, you should check the fence or the security of the whole neighbourhood. Are their patrol guards all the time? Then you should think about the waste disposal and the supply of water.

Good luck in finding the perfect house! If you are thinking about the family, you should rethink your ideas because you need bigger spaces. All of us deserve a house. Do not deprive your family of a house. But if you are still on the process of saving for your house, explain to your family the delay.

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