What a Smile Can Do

Smile is a beautiful thing. There is this new system in Pat’s Schoolhouse Sembawang that uses facial recognition. Every child enrolled in the school is provided with three accounts-for parents, grandparent and domestic helper. The facial recognition system seeks to control the access of people in school grounds.

Parents, grandparents or domestic helpers only need to smile to enter the school grounds. This is the first of its kind here in Singapore. There are positive feedbacks pertaining to this new system. Some parents say it is easy and convenient especially when they are carrying the kid. Aside from access to school grounds, a smile can:


Make you attractive

There is no doubt that smiling makes you attractive. Who would want to come to someone who always frown or scowl? Smiling welcomes and attracts people.

Changes your mood

Notice how a smile changes your mood. When you feel down and sad, try putting a smile and you will feel lighter and happier.

Reduce stress

When you are stressed, it will show up in the face. Smiling will make you look beautiful and energized despite the tiredness and exhaustion. Make it a habit to smile even things are hectic.

Releases happy chemicals

It is said that when you are happy, the body will release chemicals like endorphins and serotonin-the natural painkillers. Smiling will make us feel good.

The list goes on. Smiling can really make a difference at the end of the day so instead of frowning, make it a point to smile. Smile though your heart is aching. Smiling is not hard hence there is no reason not to do it. You will inspire other people and you will invite good things.

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