Wild Asian Delicacies for Your Next Food Trip

There is no denying how Asian cuisine is remarkably rich. From different kinds of dim sum, Korean barbeque, sushi, and spiced curry – each meal is truly a gastronomic delight. The splendor doesn’t stop there though. As there is a wide variety in the choices of dishes, there are also some wild, bizarre Asian food delicacies which prove to be a challenge even among the brave of heart.

Balut – This delicacy is native to the Philippines. It is quite like your ordinary hard-boiled eggs, save for the fact that the eggs are half-fertilized. So instead of finding yellow yolk, you will instead find a partially developed duck/chicken embryo. It is believed to be an aphrodisiac and is often eaten as a side snack to accompany a cold beer.

Drunken shrimp – Love shrimp? Then this Chinese dish is a must-try. Alive pieces of shrimp are drunk, in a sense that they are marinated in a pool of strong liquor. The presence of alcohol effectively slows down the shrimp’s movements. The trick to eating this dish is to remove the shrimp’s head first before you shove its wriggling body in your mouth.

White ant eggs – Considered as another wild Asian delicacy, this dish is common among streets and hawker stands in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. It is often served in the form of a soup – where it is a mix of baby ants, partial embryos, and their eggs. When the eggs pop in the mouth, it is said to release a sharp, sour taste.

Fish sperm (Shirako) – Yes, you read that right. This dish, commonly called in Japan as Shirako, is made of a fish’s male genitalia which still contains the fluids. It is served across the country, popularly in sushi bars and pubs. It is a flavorful dish which is considered close to the heart of the locals.

Tuna eyes – This local Japanese delicacy consists entirely of tuna eyes, which can be either served raw or steamed. If your palate is looking for flavor – you can also flavor the dish with soy sauce or a bit of garlic.

Fried tarantula – This Cambodian delicacy is not for the faint of heart. Eating tarantulas began during a long period of food shortage under the Khmer Rouge. Fried tarantulas are noted to be crispy, with white meat which apparently tastes like that of chicken or cod meat.

Raw horse meat – Raw horse meat, or Basashi, is horsemeat served raw (like sashimi slices). It often comes with vegetables or rice on the side. For a fuller burst of flavors, others even eat it with ranch dressing.

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