3 of the Best Coastal National Parks in Singapore

There are many scenic spots in Singapore, but there’s nothing quite like just enjoying your day by the water. There are many things you can do in one of Singapore’s many coastal parks; you can bring a picnic, do some light reading, listen to tunes, or just be with your friends and family. Some parks even offer their own attractions, so there’s always something for you to do. However, with all the coastal parks in Singapore to go to, how do you choose? Here is a short list of coastal parks in Singapore where you can spend a fun-filled time.

1. East Coast Park
We begin our list with the popular East Coast Park. It’s not hard to see why the East Coast Park is well-known; there are many things you can do in this 15km stretch of scenic beaches, so there’s always something for everyone. For those whose idea of fun is in the water, there are a lot of water sports that are available, like cable skiing. For those who would rather stay dry on land, cyclists and rollerbladers can be found in flocks here in East Coast Park. For extreme thrill-seekers, why not try finding your fix at the Xtreme SkatePark?

If you’d rather have something more on the peaceful, tranquil side, you could just stay in one of the many cafes or restaurants located inside the park. You can even a bring your food and drinks out to the beach, so you could chow down while basking in the sun.

2. Labrador Park
For those whose idea of fun involves learning about history and nature, then Labrador Park is perfect for you. There are many historical and natural artifacts found here in Labrador Park, some of them even dating as far back as the Second World War, including an old British Fort called Fort Pasir Panjang.
Nature lovers will also love Labrador Park, with the different species of wildlife that can be found. While you’re there, you can birdwatch for a large variety of bird species, or cook your own dinner on one of the park’s barbeque pits.

3. Pasir Ris Park
If you’re in the mood for something quieter, Pasir Ris Park is the park for you. With all the different activities that you can do in Pasir Ris, this 6km long park is great for a family outing. For example, children can enjoy themselves in the playground where they can spend their time on swings, slides, and a mini maze. Aside from their playground, Pasir Ris also has a mangrove, stables, and a garden. For families who are the real outdoorsy type, you could even go camping in Pasir Ris, provided you acquire a camping permit beforehand.

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