5 Ways to Balance Your Time for Your Guy and Your Friends

Balancing your time for your new guy and your girls can be a bit tricky but it can actually be done if enough effort is exerted and with the right planning. Still wondering how it can be successfully done? We’ve listed down five tips on how you can manage your balancing act with some of the most important persons in your life.

Teenage Girl Friends Hanging Out

1.       Set a Schedule and Prioritize. Schedule a day for your girl’s night out and for your date with your guy. During those times, make sure to show some respect by being really there. Ensure that both your body and mind is present during your get-togethers. On the days where you have a hectic schedule, set a specific day for your friends and your guy. This way, you get to see them while still being able to look after your own needs.

2.       Honour Your Commitment. If Saturday nights are meant for your girls, then stick with it. Show up and be there mentally and physically. Never cancel your plans with them just because your boyfriend asks you to do so. If there’s an emergency you need to attend to, let them know beforehand so that they’ll be able to rearrange their plans as well.

3.       Plan Group Outings. If both your boyfriend and friends are comfortable hanging out together, then consider going on group outings. It’d also be a great idea to have his buddies join. That way, you get to introduce his squad to your own squad and you’ll become one awesome group.

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4.       Meet New People Together. Meeting new friends together with your beau is actually a good idea. Through this, you’ll be able to meet individuals who have a good understanding of what it’s like to be in a relationship while keeping your friends satisfied and happy.

5.       Spend Some Time Apart. Regardless of how much you want to keep your guy and your girls happy, understand that you’re not a machine. You also need to have some me-time. Spending some time apart is actually healthy as it allows you to breathe. So go ahead and tell your beau that you need to have some me-time. We’re sure that he needs it too, and he might thank you for giving him his personal time.

When you’re in the I-want-to-spend-my-life-with-you-24/7 phase of your relationship, balancing your time between your friends and partner will really be hard. But by learning to prioritize and stay true to your commitment, you’ll definitely be able to divide your time between them without neglecting your own needs.


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