5 Ways to Fix the Common Hair Mistakes

We all make mistakes, especially when our hair is involved. In fact, your hair routine might be more harmful than beneficial for your locks. We’ve consulted few expert stylists to give light to some of the common hair mistakes that most women make, as well as on the possible ways to correct these mistakes. So, if you want to have a stronger and healthier hair, keep reading on.


1.       Excessively Applying Hair Products

Applying thrice the amount of your hair treatment product won’t increase the benefits it gives to your hair. According to experts, there are no evidences showing that excessive conditioning can treat damaged strands.

2.       Over-Washing Your Hair

Unless you’re endowed with an oily scalp, or your hair tends to get greasy at the end of the day, avoid frequently washing your hair. Regular hair washing only strips off the natural oils that’s in charge for conditioning your hair. Instead of washing it daily, do it every other day and use dry shampoo in between the days.

3.       Growing Out A Bad Haircut

Having a bad haircut can be very traumatic, but it can also be easily disguised using hair extensions, or tying it into a French braid if your hair wasn’t completely cut off. Another good option to disguise your haircut is to wear wigs, or if you want to permanently improve your poor haircut, have it trimmed and styled by your stylist.


4.       Battling Dry Scalp Using Too Much Oil

Instead of relying on oils, keep your dry scalp hydrated by washing it with an apple cider vinegar and a clarifying shampoo. Doing this treatment will wash off any product residue and build ups. If you still plan on using oils, do it while steaming you hair. This way, it can properly penetrate your scalp without leaving a lot of build up afterwards.

5.       Frequently Relying On Extensions

Prolonged wear of hair extensions can damage your real hair. Take some breaks in wearing extensions as the tension it brings to the hair could lead to an irreversible and lifetime damage.

It’s quite easy to make mistakes when it comes to caring for our hair. But with these common hair mistakes exposed, it’s now easy to properly care for our locks and give ourselves a healthy-looking hair.


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