A BBQ Kitchen On The Go

Some of the booming businesses in Singapore include bbq wholesale and bbq catering mainly because people there love to eat. People keep coming back to the country’s food centres to have inexpensive, delicious food. An example of bbq food that is popular in their culture is satay.

In bbq wholesale or bbq catering services, there are times when you will need to set up a temporary kitchen where you can do necessary food preparations. There are a lot of ways in which you can be creative when it comes to setting up a temporary on-site barbecue kitchen.

Hawker centres in Singapore are known for their food stalls and food carts that offer a wide selection of palatable foods. If you are planning to venture into bbq wholesale business, you can customize a food bbq kitchen cart on your own. It’s definitely convenient and portable. If you have a food cart, you can sell pre-packaged bbq food so that you no longer have to do the grilling and cooking on the site. If you want, you can also have a food cart that is custom-built with refrigeration space and cooking equipment. In this way, you can be more flexible as you can prepare, cook, and serve food—all in one place. This type of outdoor kitchen is perfect for hawker centres, malls, parks, and outdoor markets. Everything you need can be contained in one location.

Perhaps this is the second most common type of temporary outdoor kitchen setup on the go which most Singapore-based caterers do. With a tent and a few cooking equipment, you can already have a BBQ in singapore setup that is perfect for festivals, markets, or large-scale outdoor events including weddings and parties. Furthermore, you should also have a refrigerated van or at least a refrigerator to maintain the quality of bbq food, as well as portable propane stoves and outdoor grills.

Refrigerated Van
To have a mobile kitchen which you can have on the go anytime, you can buy a refrigerated van in Singapore and furnish it with kitchen equipment. However, having a refrigerated van can be expensive especially if you’re still new to bbq catering. You can use the van for refrigeration and food preparation purposes alone, and equip it with a ramp so pulling out cooking equipment can be made easier and faster.

Trailer Kitchen
For frequent outdoor Singapore event bbq wholesale and bbq catering, it is best that you invest in a trailer kitchen. A fully equipped trailer kitchen consists of refrigeration storage, cooking equipment, and a work space. Usually, mobile trailers also have windows and awnings.

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