A Guide to Handling Your New Born

Handling a new born baby is not easy particularly if it is your first. They are so fragile that we are afraid to hold them. This fear is understandable but if we cannot do something about it, we will not enjoy our baby. Here’s a guide to handling our baby correctly:

Ask for some ideas from friends and family

Soliciting ideas and some thoughts is best. There are no general rules but we can get valuable insights from friends and other family who had their own experiences. While in the hospital, we can also ask nurses to show us how to hold and change our baby’s diapers.

If we want, we can also hire a wet or baby nurse to help us until we are settled. We can ask the doctor to teach us what to do when we feel our baby is uncomfortable especially if they are sick.

Always clean the room and wash hands when handling the baby

We know for a fact that babies are quite susceptible to bacteria and other infection so it is important to clean and sanitize their environment. They have a weak immune system so let us make them comfortable and safe as much as possible.

When we carry our baby, we should make sure our hands are clean.

Be mindful to hold the baby’s neck and head all the time

Whether we lift, carry or lie down the baby, it is crucial that we support their neck and head. The bones of our new born babies are specifically frail so one false move will cause them serious harm. Never shake the baby.

When the baby is crying, let us not panic and find out the cause.

Keep the baby clean and full

It is not recommended to bathe a new born baby but we can gradually introduce them to water. We can start by wiping their body with a clean and soft cloth. After a few weeks, we can bathe them.

Whether we prefer breastfed or bottle fed, we should feed them every now and then.

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