App-Grade Your Workout Schedule

5 Must-Have Workout Schedule Apps to Achieve Your Fitness Goals
With the emergence of smartphones and workout apps, getting a body like that of a Victoria’s Secret model can be just right at our fingertips. From managing your workout schedule to giving you the ability to create personal routines and fitness plans, these apps can really work wonders in helping have a healthy lifestyle. So start downloading any of these apps now and be guided towards the path of your fitness goals.


1.       Workout Plan

Workout Plan is one of the apps that let you manage and create your own set of workout routines, but with a variety of repeating schedule. All you have to do is enter the exercises you want to do for the upcoming week, and the app immediately schedules them for you. With just a couple of clicks, you already have a week-long exercise routine ready in an instant.

2.       JEFIT Workout

In search for some motivation to get back into the gym? Then this bodybuilding and workout trainer app is perfect for you. Not only will you be able to get back the motivation that you need with this app, you’ll also be able to create your own fitness routines and track each of your workout. The app also features 1,300 unique exercises accompanied with animations and descriptions to help you perform each exercise properly. With this kind of features, you’ll surely head back to the gym in no time.

3.       FitnessBuilder

Another great app that allows you to create your own fitness plan, FitnessBuilder contains over a thousand of pre-made routines that cover all fitness levels. The only difference here though, is that all the workouts are mapped with the Next Workout intelligence, which recommends exercises to do next as your intensity level increases. So once you start a fitness plan going, you can count on FitnessBuilder to keep you on track.


4.       Runtastic Six Pack

If you’re gaga about getting sharp abs, then this app is for you. Runtastic Six Pack will guide you through a six week fitness plan that will help you get the 6-pack you’ve been striving to have for years. The app features about 50 instructional ab workout videos with adjustable difficulty, and a voice-over set in various languages to guide you through your workout. Other than that, Runtastic also aids in creating customized workouts based on your favourite core exercises, weight loss goals and daily schedule. This is surely one great app to get your tummy carved.

5.       Couch to 5k

Looking into running a 5k race in the future? Then this app will surely get you to the finish line. By just going through the app’s workout course for straight nine weeks, you’re sure to run a 5k-race effortlessly. Plus, you’ll also get to choose a virtual coach who will help you push through the finish line.

With these apps, working out just became easier. Just ensure though, that you eat smart, sleep right, and is disciplined enough to stick with each of your workout routine.


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