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20 Flowering Plants for a Small Garden

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 | Permalink

Besides herbs, flowers are the best type of plants to care for in your small garden in Singapore. They don’t need a lot of space and attention, but they can add color in your dull surroundings.

Here are some of the most common flowers you can care for in your garden.

Anthurium can be grown using seeds, tissue culture, vegetative reproduction or fertilization. It can grow on different soil types that can retain a lot of water, but in a pot with good drainage.

Bougainvillea is drought-resistant and can grow in any type of soil with good drainage and adequate sunlight.

Canna Durban does not multiply fast like other related types and will tolerate almost any soil type. It can also thrive in humid and dry weather and under the direct heat of sunlight.

Celosia has several seeds that will grow fast in your plant box and that will need full sunlight and moist soil.

Chamomile thrives in full sunlight and sandy, moist soil. However, it needs regular watering to grow healthy.

Chrysanthemum requires full sunlight and has a long flowering period. It doesn’t need a lot of water and can be grown by transplanting seeds.

Dahlia has tubers for roots, which can grow big depending on the amount of nutrients it gets daily.

Daisy can thrive in full sunlight and in moist, but well-drained soil. It’s also a low-maintenance plant.

Dianthus need at least 6 hours of sunlight to thrive and alkaline soil. When watering the dianthus, try to limit the water on the base without getting the foliage wet, because it’s prone to mildew.

Geranium also need a lot of light and soil with equal amounts of peat, perlite, and earth.

Impatiens needs humus-rich soil and must be placed in areas away from the wind. The flower bed must have enough space, too.

Lavender needs 6 hours of sunlight in a soil with a pH of 7 or 8. It also thrives in dry conditions, so make sure that the soil has proper drainage.

Marigold can withstand hot weather and grows in almost any soil type, but you should use a soil-based mix if you’re planning to plant it in a flower box.

Morning Glory needs a lot of sunlight and moderately-fertile soil. Don’t place it in areas where it will be exposed to dry wind.

Orchid Family are known for their resiliency, but each orchid has specific needs depending on their light sensitivity and the growing media.

Pansy flowers need well-prepared acidic soil with compost in a deep planting box.

Petunia can thrive even in hot and dry soil, but you should water it every few days and use fertilizers.

Rose requires at least 1 inch of water every week, but you have to watch out for fungal diseases.

Snapdragon should be placed in areas with partial shade and adequate water.

Sunflower needs a lot of sunlight and can grow in any soil type. You have to harvest the seeds before they fall out, however, because it’s toxic to grass.