Concerns of Our Modern Society

Our society is made of different things – some are good, some are bad. Regardless of the nature of our society, the least that we should do is be thankful for its opportunities and abundance. There is a recent survey unveiled at the Institute of Policy Studies on July 23, 2015 that defines what our society is today.


The survey included 2,000 residents and commissioned by Barrett Values Centre and Advantage. According to Singaporean citizens and permanent residents, they describe or define the society as:

1. Kiasu: Kiasu is the local term for being afraid to lose. It is natural being afraid to lose knowing that things can change anytime without notifying us. In the 2012 survey, kiasu is also in the number one.

2. Competitive: In past survey, being competitive is at number two. It remained number two. We acknowledge that our society is full of competition and in order to overcome it, we need edge.

3. Materialistic: We think too much of material possessions these days which makes this number three. The sad thing is that it was number four in the past survey. Let us not wait for this to be number one.

4. Self-centered: We do not live alone but sometimes we are driven by our self-interest that we forget about other people and not care about their feelings. Self-centred is at number three.


5. Kiasi: Kiasi is the local term for being afraid to die. Kiasi is at number five.

6. Blame: Blame is at number six but in the previous survey, it was number eight.

7. Security: Security is at number seven.

8. Education opportunities: Education opportunities is at number eight.

9. Effective healthcare: Effective healthcare is at number nine.

10. Peace: At least, peace is not lost at number ten.


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