Details of Hackathon

If computer is your way of life, perhaps you should join the Hackathon 2014. If you did not get the chance to do it this year, you have next year. Hackathon is an event which is organized for computer programmers, software developer, interface designers, graphic designers and many more. Hackathon is intended for social or education purposes but the main goal is to create or develop usable software.


  • What to expect: Hackathon is limited for 200 developers in Asia. You will enjoy two days of talk and socialization. Participants are motivated of the challenges and the prices. The Hackathon 2014 commenced on May 7, 2014 and it ended on May 8. It took place at Breakthrough Theatre, Singapore. The demo day will begin on May 17, 2014 where finalists are given the chance to polish their apps for presentation.


  • Challenges and prizes: There are challenges and the prizes are attractive. The overall Hackathon winner will get USD 1000; he will also get a champion trophy and SoftLayer infrastructure (12mos x USD 2000). 1st runner up winner will bring home USD 600;  he will also get the silver trophy and SoftLayer infrastructure (12mos x USD 1000). 2nd runner up winner will take USD 300; he will get the bronze trophy and SoftLayer infrastructure (12mos x USD 1000).
  • Finalists: The finalists are waiting for the demo day on May 17. There are 14 finalists that will meet on the demo day. Winners will also be announced on that day.

What are you waiting for? You need to join this event so you will be enriched. You get the chance to meet fellow developers.



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