First Aid: Alcohol Poisoning

A person who is under the influence of Alcohol experiences a sudden mood switch. A person’s mood is distorted depending on the level of alcohol he or she consumes. Let’s say drinking a small quantity of alcohol can enhance a person’s confidence while drawn out consumption of it can make this person’s physical and mental abilities outrange. Toxicity in Alcohol can make someone become extremely unconscious and disoriented. It is really fatal and needs an urgent medical attention.

Asleep drunk woman holding an alcoholic drink

Here are the threats of alcohol Poisoning:

  • Loss of consciousness because of excessive alcohol consumption can lead to the inhalation and choking of the person’s vomit, which is precarious.
  • A person who is in excessive alcohol consumption can develop hypothermia because alcohol dilates the blood vessels.
  • If ever the person has a head injury from falling down, the doctors may not properly diagnose him.alcohol_poisoning_1

What to do in case this happens?

Your main objectives are to check that the person can breathe and to immediately look for proper medical help. The first thing you do is to first check the person’s level of consciousness. You have to know if how responsive the person is. You can do this by shaking his shoulders and ask him “Hey, hey sir/mam are you ok”, shout at him just to make sure that he hears you.

If there are no signs of being responsive to your actions, check his pulse and breathing rate. If still not responsive, prepare yourself to resuscitate. If you think the person needs an immediate medical help already, better call one or bring him to the nearest hospital. Cover him with your jacket or anything that will keep him warm while waiting for medical help.



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