Fun and Creative Ways to Keep Kids Entertained In Weddings

Entertaining kids at weddings is one of the most asked bridal dilemmas. Why? Because, apparently, kids are picky and gets bored very easily. A wedding day can be incredibly long and boring for children, so expect to see plenty of whining, sleeve-tugging, and early departures if you don’t put enough thought on the entertainment of your little guests.


To save your dear friends from the problem of pacifying tantrums, have a collection of these fun activities prepped and ready for your little guests.

1.       Make Their Table Kid-Friendly

You want to wow the kids so they would want t stick to their table while the rest of the wedding program is happening. You can use a paper tablecloth where they’re allowed to write and draw all over. And instead of flowers, have bouquets of sweets and treats as table centrepieces.

2.       Have a Bubble Station

Kids love blowing bubbles, so make use of it to keep the little ones occupied. Plus, bubbles last a while, are not messy, and look stunning in photographs—not to mention they’re incredibly cheap, too.


3.       Hire an Entertainer

From a balloon artist to a clown, there are plenty of kids entertainers that you can book to keep your little guests from boredom while the adults party the night away. If hiring a professional entertainer seems too costly, tap a family member or a friend who might love to present a puppet show for the totes.

4.       Let Them Play Photographer

If you’re expecting just a handful of children, give them the task of being your wedding photographer. Provide them a list of the things to photograph along with a disposable camera. You may be surprised of how artistic the children can be in photographing you on your big day. P.S. Hiring a professional photographer is still necessary.

5.        Provide a Play Ground for Them

Creating a separate space for the kids at your wedding is a great way to keep them all in one area (where their parents can see them)—plus it gives them the independence from the parents, which what kids want. Provide them with snacks, games, and baskets of mixed toys, and chances are you won’t hear a peep from them for hours.

Weddings, while fun and joyous affairs for adults, tend to be tiring and boring for the little ones. However, if you’re prepared with ample entertainment sources, it’s certainly possible to celebrate your wedding peacefully and blissfully with kids.


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