Giving Little Things Up for Bigger Things

Can Singaporeans afford to buy a home these days? If we really put our heart and mind to it, nothing is impossible but there are many Singaporeans who still live with their parents because we have to admit that buying a home here is not so easy and affordable. If we really want to buy a house, we have to give up little things so we can make way for our biggest purchase.


We have to sacrifice and let go of many things especially extravagant expenses if we really want to make the purchase. We deserve a fine home and it will be up to us to make things happen. Before anything else, we have to delve deeper into our spending habits. We admit that sometimes, we splurge on things that bring us instant gratification like travelling, shopping and buying gadgets.

It is time that we curve our spending habits. Here are the little things that we need to give up just to give way to bigger things:

  • Cut latte: Coffee is part of our life but it doesn’t have to be an expensive habit. We have to cut our trips to coffee shops every day and just settle with making coffee ourselves. We will be surprised how much money we can save if we cut that latte. Even if we think the cost is irrelevant, if we gather everything, it can help us buy that furniture or that monthly mortgage payment.
  • Trade diamond rings: If we are planning to propose, diamonds are good but we need cash more. Instead of diamond rings, we have to look for rings that are affordable and spend the rest for the down payment or mortgage.


  • Home cooked meals: Going out to fancy restaurants is a fine experience but it can affect our budget especially if it is expensive. The best thing to do is invite friends to stay in the house and just cook home meals.
  • Skip buying gadgets: There are gadgets that we need. We should focus on that instead of finding excuses to get it. If we can live without those gadgets, we have to be smart about it and not consider it.
  • Staycations: One of the most expensive activities that we consider is travelling out of town or overseas. If we want to save money, we have to consider staycations instead. It can make a difference at the end of the day.

Being a homeowner entails a lot of responsibilities. In this particular purchase, we will be introduced to a concept not all people know – delayed gratification. The more time and effort we put into something, the more rewarding it can be.


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