How Do You Become A Nobel Laureate?

Good news for Science enthusiasts out there. Sketches of Science is in Singapore. The travelling exhibition features the work of fifty Nobel Laureates. Volker Steger, an award winning photographer, took pictures of Nobel Laureates together with their discoveries. The exhibition at Science Centre Singapore will last for two months.

The exhibition is part of the partnership involving the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and the Singapore National Research Foundation. Singapore is the first stop in Asia. Sketches of Science is a combined venture of the Council and the Stockholm Nobel Museum.


It is possible that you can become a Nobel Laureate. The Nobel prizes, in general are awards to honour life changing works in the field of physics, chemistry, literature, medicine, economics and peace. Actually, there are no clear formula to become a Nobel Laureate but if you look into the winners, you will see what set them apart.

The Nobel Laureates are people who seek and create solutions to the problems of the world. These people are famous for their accomplishments and contributions in their own field. It would be such an honour when you are chosen to be one. There is a great chance for you to become a Nobel Laureate. The first thing that you should do is to be engrossed in your field.

The exhibitions in Singapore are a way to encourage many people especially the young scientists to reach for the star. They can become a Nobel Laureate if that is their target. The school children will also appreciate the exhibition. The exhibition in general seeks to renew the kid’s interest in science. Singapore relies on science, research and technology. It is important to look after this culture.

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