How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Important moments of your life are presented in photos. Wedding photos is a remembrance for all couples. It is one of the most important things that a couple must keep. Wedding photos will make you laugh and cry as you try to look at it. When you look at your wedding pictures, you can tell or make a story about what happened behind the photo.

Wedding photographs is certainly a good memory enhancer but you must have the best photographer in order to make a story about the weeding. For example, if you hire a photographer who doesn’t know anything about wedding photography, he cannot portray a photo wherein you can make a story out of it or you can make a story without other people you what really happened.


So, if you are looking for a photographer that can take photos and can imagine what you will feel after you have seen the photos, remember these questions:

  • Is it affordable?

Money is one factor to consider when planning a wedding and that is the importance of choosing an affordable perfect wedding photographer from Singapore during your wedding. Every couple whether you deny it or not, has planned about their wedding as well as the budget for the most important event in their life. When they decided to hire wedding photographer, they ensure that the one they hired comes with an affordable price. In Singapore, wedding photographers offer a very affordable price which ranges from S$500-S$4500 depending on the package. Some wedding photography shops offer different packages to entice client.

  • Is the photographer cool?

You’ll surely visit at least five wedding photography studios before you are going to decide the perfect wedding photographer for you. It is important to meet your future photographer so that you can easily decide whether you want him to be your photographer or not.  One of the things that you must keep in mind when choosing a photographer is to know his attitude towards other people and his work. There are a lot of photographers in Singapore and also in other countries around the world, who are easily disturbed and easily get angry while other photographers have a lazy attitude and come late during the event. As a result, you’ll be embarrassed and possibly, you will receive horrible photos.

Dodge in the window

  • Are his works looks attractive to you?

Usually, couple visits a wedding photo shop to see their samples and compare it to another shop. If you think that the photos look good to you, don’t hesitate to hire the photographer. However, be careful when you check photos on a website because sometimes, the photos they posted are photoshopped and edited to make it more appealing. That’s why it is best to visit a shop to avoid unexpected thing to happen.

Choosing a wedding photographer is not just like choosing what you like in a toy store. It can sometimes be difficult to find a good wedding photographer especially when you do not have referrals. Wedding photographers simply make the wedding memorable. Behind every photo in a wedding is an effort that is made by a good photographer.

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