How to Win Over Grief

It is normal to grieve for someone or something we have lost. There are many sources of grief – breakup, divorce, losing a job, miscarriage, losing a pet, selling the house, death of a loved one, and many others. Grief is a natural response and each of us deal with it differently. However, it is best if we deal with it in a healthy way. Understandably, it is difficult for some to get up and move on, but when faced with grief we should always try to remind ourselves that life goes on.

When we experience grief, we experience different emotions that confuse us. We should know that there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. During the stages, we may feel disbelief, guilt, sadness and fear. We can also see physical manifestations like weight loss or gain, nausea, fatigue and weakness. It is indeed difficult, but at some point we all need to rise up and deal with it.

Find support groups. We should know that there are many people who care about what we feel. We just have to take a look and draw comfort from them. We have our family, friends and God to lean on. If it is not enough, we can join support groups with therapists and grief counsellor.

Face your feelings and express it. Suppressing the grief is a bad idea. We should learn to express our feelings; that way, we acknowledge the pain and get one step closer to letting go and moving on.

Pay attention to your health. Think of it this way: our loved ones will not be happy to see us so sad and unhealthy. We should look after ourselves because that’s what our loved ones want for us.

When all else fail, seek professional help. We should not let grief imprison us. If we need professional help, let us be humble enough to ask for their support.

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