Jobs with the Most Attractive Salaries


Here in Singapore, it is not enough to earn a meagre income. This is after all the most expensive city in the world. You need an income as big as you could possibly dream to cope up with all the expenses. At the end of the day, your income will depend on your career choice. You are lucky if you find a job with a reasonable pay and even fortunate if it pays more.

However there are times that you are offered scanty salary. With this, it is important that you know what these jobs are. The good news is that there are certain positions that might actually surprise you with how little or how much salary they offer. Thanks to an online information company called The company released an online article that revealed median annual income of jobs that pay outrageous.

  1. Paramedic: The median base salary of a paramedic is $36,000. Though they do not make more than doctors (more or less $176,000) and nurses (more or less $63,000), the pay is still good because you do not need a medical degree to land this job. You just need training.


  1. Anaesthesiologist: Talk about medical school and years of residency, you would want to be an anaesthesiologist. The median base salary of these doctors is $294,891. This is quite big but it is expected because the position requires completion of medical school and at least four years of residency.


  1. Intern Software Engineer: If you are trying to figure out what is a good course, you have to consider software engineer. You have to know that even as interns, software engineers have median base salary of $5,715. The demand for software engineer is high and if you are a performer, the company might just retain you.

  1. Chief Executive Officer: CEO is a figure of power in the company but you will be surprised how little they make – unless they own the company itself. The median base salary of CEOs is $177,800.


  1. Food scientist: The median base salary of food scientist is $58,085. Though they make less money than other scientists, it is still bigger compared to other jobs. Their goal is simple – make sure that the foods are safe to consume.


  1. School principal: The median base salary of a school principal is $100,438. Principals make more than their teacher but this is not a surprise since running a school is not every easy.

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