Marriage: A Good Defense Against Cancer

In our present time, there are so many illnesses that can come to us. A lot of them are curable while some cannot be fully treated. Today, the world is searching for an antidote of the world’s recent virus that killed thousands of lives in West Africa. Based on the statements of several health experts, they are continuously conducting research on how to combat the fast-moving Ebola virus.


Sharing Information

Now, with this latest virus that shocked the world, cure to other sickness were ignored. Without this so-called “ice-bucket challenge” many people will still be ignorant about ALS. A disease that destroy the nerves which will weaken the functions of the different parts in your body.

Health through Marriage


Marriage may not be a cure, but it’s a good defense. Research shows that people who are married have lower risk of having cancer. It is said that marriage makes a person happy and thus contribute to an energized body. As we all know, laughter is clearly an effective medicine. But for those who don’t believe it, you can try is for yourselves.

Marriage & Happiness

Since there are a lot of claims that happiness can cure many illnesses, many people are using it for therapy. Essentially, it has a good result. Basically, it can help you heal your illness no matter how severe it is. When you think that there is no room for hope, try to look side by side and see how many people could love you for your entire life.


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