Right Love at the Right Place: Where to Find Love Matters, Research Reveals

Does the venue to where you meet a potential lover count? Can it tell you something about what they are looking for, and give you a glimpse of who they are? A research has found that certain places to where people seek a mate can reflect personality and what they are seeking for in a relationship.

This might sound new for some as there are more influential avenues to meet potential partner such as “date recommendations.” According to Blackbox.com.sg, a whopping 85% of singles in Singapore opt to meet a potential mate through common friends. While online venues are also a hit in today’s era, more and more dating apps are penetrating internet users population such as Spotted, Tinder, Paktor all targeting Indonesian subscribers. Unfortunately, these niches tell very little about the things that will help you gauge the person you are trying to meet.

An interesting study conducted by Peter Jonason and his colleagues from University of Western Sydney, aimed at examining where people go when they are seeking for long-term and short-term relationships, correlation between personality traits and specific venues; and presence of gender differences when it comes to picking a venue of choice.

Lists of possible venues where people may look for short-term/casual and long-term partners were created to have 100 participants (30% male and 70% female) choose the agreeable ones. It turned out that most of the respondents (both gender) agreed on where to go to find a relationship and fling.

Top venue categories for long-term: class, organization, religious, work and gym

Top venue categories for short-term: bar, night club, party, dance club, beach

The study then proceeded on the relationship between personality traits and venue preferences. A questionnaire that assessed traits of the Dark Triad and HEXACO were given out to 209 participants (35% male and 65% female) this time. They were also asked how likely it would be that they will look for a partner at such venues. Results showed that the Dark Triad traits have more success in short-term relationships and venues; while HEXACO traits are more related to long-term goals in mind. Moreover, there were no significant gender differences noted on the choice of venues.

Researchers noted some limitations of their study specifically the online dating forum niche that was not explored and that there is still a lot to discover from the findings.

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