Seeking Beyond Singapore

Many foreigners consider Singapore because of its affluence. But there are nationals that are seeking beyond Singapore to fulfil their dreams. According to a survey conducted by 2nd year students from Singapore Polytechnic’s Media & Communication course, six out of ten young people have thought about seeking opportunities beyond Singapore. There were about 825 young people aged 15-34 surveyed last June 2013.


The survey revealed the top reasons for leaving Singapore. The reasons for going overseas include:

Cost of Living

Singapore is indeed an affluent country. It follows that the cost of living here is expensive. If the cost of living is expensive, the people tend to work more so they can keep up with their bills, groceries, education and many more.

More Opportunities Abroad

Young people seek a more comfortable and affluent life. Some cannot find that here in Singapore so they are looking beyond. There are other countries that have better life and more opportunities. Young Singaporeans are willing to try their luck in other countries.

Slow Pace of Life

If you observe the people here in Singapore, they are always in a rush. They always rush to go to work and go home. These people ignore or disregard other things that can make them happy because they are always hastening. Young people are looking into a slower pace of life so they can have time to enjoy even the littlest of things.

There is nothing wrong if you seek for better opportunities beyond Singapore. Life is too short to be unhappy. You have to seek out what makes you happy and do your best to achieve it. Good luck!     


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