Taking simple photos

Have you ever set foot in an unfamiliar place with a stunning scene and thought how perfect it would be for you to start taking photos? As you imagine one creative angle at a time with precision and a photographer’s intuition, you quickly open your bag- alas! You forgot to bring your beloved DSLR with you. Disappointed, you settled using your smartphone’s built in camera but that really didn’t help at all because you cannot find any descent photo that could represent the wonderful view you have seen. So, what to do?


1. Start with something

A photo is not just a photo -it can evoke stories of its subject and also the photographer. Bear in mind that taking photos is an art and a profession too, it’s called Photography for a reason. Its beauty does not solely depend on the type of camera used but also with the proper knowledge and skill to come up with the best results –try reading books and sites that are dedicated in helping hobbyists and professionals on refining their technique.

2. Explore

It’s recommended to start with the simplest gear then gradually step up. Advance your skills in using different types of camera so you could always put into material form anything that your mind perceives in any camera possible –there might be a time when you need to snap something by using only your phone or when a friend hands you a DSLR and then asks you to take a photo.


3.Invest in your phone and take advantage of technology

Professional and beginner’s camera are bulky and expensive so it’s risky to always carry. Phones are a necessity nowadays, so try to install any post processing applications in it –the ones with effects, hue, and temperature settings. Connect with fellow enthusiasts and upload your best snaps online. The process of selecting a pick from thousands of photos, will help you sharpen your eyes and would ultimately develop your judgment and as well as calibrating your standards.

4. Practice

You can learn more in getting yourself in different situations, other than reading books and manuals –start putting the concepts into test. Put into action whatever you’ve read then decide what will represent you best. Everybody has his own style – so start developing your unique way of expression all through the art of photography.

5. Enjoy the moment

Internalizing the scene, experience, and concept is always essential in getting something special, like a photo depicting the beauty and art of life or just simply a photo of a cute kitten.


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