The Importance of Drinking Enough Water in Today’s Time

Singapore is known to have high standards when it comes to water. So much so that even tap water is determined to be safe for drinking without filtration. This, in itself, is good news as we are lucky enough to have clean water to drink. But what can it do for us really? Why is drinking enough water important?

1. Our bodily fluids depend on it

Digestion, circulation, distribution of nutrients, and all other bodily processes need water to function effectively. That is because all of these rely on our body fluids to do their work effectively. Also, it’s not just our internal organs that need water, even our skin and our eyes benefit from being hydrated. This is also why our brain tells us we are thirsty. To let us know that the body is running out of water.

2. Water has a lot to do with the brain

The brain is one of the organs that demand water the most. Brain function is strongly affected by our hydration. Mild dehydration, for example, has actually been found to impair memory and brain performance. If we are dehydrated for a longer time, it can be severely detrimental to our thinking and reasoning.

3. Acts as a natural cleanser

In the present day, much of the food we consume is high in sodium. On average, we intake 3400 mg of sodium per day, even when the recommended intake is only 1500mg-2300mg. This is mainly because of processed food and fast food. When we consume too much sodium, our body won’t be able to flush everything out and they become toxins that are harmful to the body. In this case, water is important because it improves circulation and helps flush out all these excess toxins.

4. Boost physical performance

Staying hydrated can clearly improve physical performance. Why do you think you get thirsty even if you do just jog for a while? When we lose too much water through sweat during physical activities, our muscle tissues get deprived of oxygen and end up losing energy. Hence, physical performance becomes limited. So, always remember to drink enough water before, during, and after exercise or any physical activity.

5. Helps with weight loss

In relation to the point above, water can also help with weight loss. Many people, when they hit the gym trying to lose weight, drink sports drinks instead of water. Because sports drinks are relatively high in sugar, it can limit your weight loss efforts in some ways. The logic behind water helping with weight loss is also simple and really obvious. If you drink a lot of water before meals, you’ll feel more full and not eat more.

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