Things You Should Know about Mobile Health Screening

Mobile health screening has become a trend today. In Singapore, most business establishments offer corporate health screening by inviting a screening team to their location and run several screening tests to every employee. The team involves certified medical doctors and health technicians to ensure legitimate results from the overall screening procedure. However, there are still some people who are completely unaware of what mobile health screening is and how it works.


1. “Mobile” means moving
Mobile screenings has moving locations for two reasons: to reach rural areas and to accommodate private health screenings. The team travels to different locations in a specially-equipped automobile that contains all the screening equipment. This is the best option a screening establishment can offer to business establishments who want to give their employees an annual health screening program without the hassle of bringing everyone to the screening location. Mobile screening is also used to conduct free screening programs in hard-to-reach locations, like in rural areas or in areas affected by calamities.

2. Are held in convenient community locations
Mobile screenings are held in different convenient locations. Public buildings, community centres, gyms, and even churches can serve as a screening location. The health screening Singapore event is announced weeks in advance to let the community residents know what, when, and where the health screening will take place. Many participants appreciate and prefer screening tests that are held in places they are familiar with, rather than in a clinic or doctor’s office.

3. It covers multiple types of diseases
Mobile screenings include complete health screening packages, like what medical institutions in Singapore offer. They have screenings for hepatitis, urine, cholesterol, HIV, blood, and many more as part of their health screening packages.


4. It is more affordable
Mobile screenings are more affordable than the usual doctor’s-office setup. It is cheaper because fewer facilities are used and everything runs on battery not like in a doctor’s office where everything has to run on electricity.

Mobile screening is a medical advancement invented by health screening establishments to reach out to different kinds of people who are conscious with their wellbeing. They provide legitimate screening procedures by professional doctors in an affordable price. Most importantly, the screening allows everyone to find out potential life-threatening diseases and, if found one, will be able to cure them. The easy-accessible screening will not only save your pocket from financial breakdown, but will also save your family from lifetime heartbreak.

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