Think Before You Click

Singapore is facing a lot of scares or threats. Bomb threats earlier this year was noted and now the false PSI figure and the online article talking about the presence of SARs (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). These scared a lot of people.

The authorities are doing its best to capture the people who are behind this malicious news. These people have nothing to do during their spare time but to scare other people. They find joy seeing other people’s misery. Woe to them.


Are you aware that dissemination or sending of false messages could be considered as scaremongering? You cannot run from the law because it will find you. If you are spreading false messages that disturb the national security and public safety, you will be punished and disciplined. To give you an idea, here’s an excerpt of Section 45 of the Telecommunications Act:


A person will be considered guilty if (1) he/she broadcasts a message for which he/she is aware to be false or fabricated or if (2) he/she causes to broadcast a message for which he/she is aware to be false or fabricated.


If the person is found guilty, he/she will pay a fine of S$10,000 or serve 3 years of imprisonment. If it is serious, the person may experience both (fine and imprisonment).

Sending false message is a serious matter. Unfortunately not all people understand the gravity of the situation. Scaring the public and cause mass panic is not good so think before you click. You should be conscious of what you write, post or comment from now on because the authorities will not take you lightly.

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