What to Look For In a Wedding Website

Wedding websites have become a popular weddings Singapore trend in the past years, as more and more couples have realized the advantages of instant communication with their guests. Aside from creating a unique way of spreading important wedding details online, wedding websites also provide time-efficient ways of keeping track of guests list, catering, tasks, and other wedding preparations. Wedding websites are used by couples in Singapore because of many benefits. The first one is that it provides you a space where you can post wedding events information, receive RSVPs, and share your stories.


Basically, all personal wedding sites offer this. The second main benefit is that it allows you to use wedding planning tools, which can be a big help in planning your budget, organize tasks, and even ceremony and reception area seating arrangements. Unfortunately, not all sites have these, but more and more are implementing these functions to keep up with the competition. Finally, websites that talk about wedding singapore also offer extra features, such as online shops, wedding-related articles, forums, and even discounts from different weddings Singapore vendors. With all these services and so many choices of wedding events sites out there, finding the one that offers the best services could be very difficult. Below are the things that you should look for in order to get the best wedding website value for your money.

User Interface

The first thing to consider when looking for a wedding website in Singapore is its user interface. A good website should make it easy for you to design your own site.  Not all couples have the same level or experience in web designing, therefore, you should look for one that is easy to manipulate. Almost all wedding website has site builder feature, which makes it easier to design your site and imbed videos, photos, texts and other contents. They vary in terms of the amount of personalization. But remember that more personalization also means more work to do.


Hosting and Domain Name

Wherever you wish to host your website, it will always have a URL address. However, the address may include the site name you’re hosting with. This may not appear as a problem for you, but if it does go for a site that allows you to buy a domain name of your own. Many of wedding websites offer this feature, but may charge you $15 a year.


Planning Tools

Almost all wedding websites from Singapore offer a certain degree of assistance in planning your wedding. For the most basic level, an online RSVP feature is usually included. This is for an easier response from the guests whether they can go to your wedding or not. This function stores the name of your guests who will be coming to your wedding for you to keep track of the size of the party. Some sites also include a meal preference feature, so you will know how many guests would want to eat a certain dish and provide your catering provider with an accurate list and amount of food to make.

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